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This month has been pretty busy for me! I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to! It’s not boring I promise!

The Ultimate LONG HAIR Guide
photography hobby

photography hobby! My fiance and I! 🙂

This month, April 2014 has been fun getting my beauty blog finally on some sort of schedule to do a new post each week. Also, I’ve been puchasing things I find on eBay for a nice video blog atmosphere/set up. I finally have the right lens, camera, and tripod!  Ok, most people would mention camera first. LOL All my camera gear is Canon. Canon T4i with a 60mm lens. The camera I’m holding in this crazy cool photo taken by my Fiance.

Also, I have a nice lavender background that got shipped to me from

The backdrop

The backdrop color Lavender

Oh boy, if you’re looking for nice backdrops for filming, they have so many to select from at decent prices! I couldn’t decide and I might go for it and order more once I get the hang vblogging. (is it Vlogging?) Anywho… I’m still figuring out what format to blog the videos in. For example… Should I just narrate what I’m doing or speak directly eye to eye? I think I’ll do both. We’ll see what’s easier to edit! 😉

Dedicated blogging room!

Dedicated blogging room!

Here’s the “set up” so far… I still have to unroll the lavender backdrop and set up all the lights. This is all very “raw” right now.  I’m going to have fun soon trying to video blog. This room is a jungle with so many things in it. Still shopping for more lighting etc. eBay is my fav place to shop! I have a light ring coming in the mail soon! Just ordered it tonight.



Stellar Fluorescent Ring Light And 7" Stand

Fluorescent Ring Light

This is the fluorescent ring light I ordered from eBay. It’s also known as a “Diva Light” Here’s the eBay seller that sold it to me in case you want one too! Stellar Photo/Video 18″ CFL Compact Fluorescent Ring Light
This light is supposed to be perfect for beauty bloggers because it’s soft shadowless lighting. The color balance is also said to be perfect.

vanity insanity

vanity insanity

Speaking of jungle, my vanity is turning into a jungle/hording makeup supply danger zone. Anyone have tons of makeup and skincare goodies just lingering around? I have so many favorite products that I constantly use and stock up on. My refrigerator always has something for skin care such as my rice water or a facial mask. I usually have leftover face mask recipes stored in the refrigerator using a coffee cup and spoon, perhaps some clear plastic wrap on top. Not fun to clean out the leftover face masks in the sink!

elf products

All the elf products i will blog about soon!


Not to mention all the new makeup goodies I’ve fallen in love with. I’ll be blogging about e.l.f. products soon! Talk about fab prices and great quality! I’ll be dishing about the best of the e.l.f. products.

Another fab event that happened this month was the arrival of my gorgeous chaise lounge and lovely mirror mirror on the wall. Hello purple curtains. There’s a fab tassel hiding behind there. This is coming together nicely.

chaise lounge

chaise lounge 😉

Other than that… I’ve been having a blast shooting photos of all the pretty Spring flowers that are blooming here around San Diego and gardening my vegetables and flowers.

Gardening has also helped me a great deal to cope with the loss of my mother. It’s been a few months since her passing and gardening has helped me find peace. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever faced besides my step father passing. Everyday I miss her and think about the rough year she had battling cancer.

On a brighter note…

I enjoy watching the Wendy Williams show every morning at 10AM PST. She cracks me up! I really enjoy watching her and having a nice hot cup of coffee. Speakin’ of coffee…


coffee mate
Another fab thing I need to share with you all, try the Coffee Mate Girl Scout Thin Mints creamer! OMG! It’s an amazing treat to start my morning with. It makes my coffee a dessert first thing in the morning! That’s all for now!

And that’s a glimpse into my April so far! I’m hoping to get my video blogging up and running!

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer before after

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer before after

I would like to mention my favorite product of the month is the new NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. Read my review! This is a great product that I’m excited about.

XO Jen

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