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My beauty blog had a big surprise getting discovered by The New York Times. Yes! Geez Louise! I made it BIG TIME right? I’m going to dish with you the whole experience, everything that happened and how it’s changed my life. Exciting! Get a cup of coffee and read on!

Getting press from The New York Times is a pretty huge thing, especially when they include your photo and website. Your life can change pretty fast for the better. I’m going to just start from the first moment of contact from The New York Times…

This is what happens when The New York Times Contacts You to be Featured in an Article

It all started when The New York Times contacted my fabulous Facebook fan page Elegance and Beauty Reviews. (hurry up and become a fan already.)

Now when I refer to The New York Times contacting me, I’m speaking of a freelance reporter at The New York Times sent a message to my Facebook fan page. He sent me:

First, Here’s the Facebook Message I received:

Seeking brief interview for New York Times article.”

Jen, I’m on assignment for the New York Times, and I’m writing an article for the Style section about women shaving their faces, because I’ve been seeing more and more about this in online videos and blogs. Naturally I came across your blog post about it, and I’d like to interview you about why you think face shaving is a good idea for women, if you’re game. Naturally I’d mention your blog and the article would probably link to it. Please let me know if you’re amenable, and if so if there is a convenient time when I could interview you briefly about this over the next couple days.


I read this and couldn’t believe it. One of my most elusive and controversial articles had become discovered by a freelance reporter at The New York Times! He wants to interview little ole’ me?  Is this “for real” “Who is this guy?” “Is this a big joke?” Naturally, I Googled his name, email and it was legit. I cheered! Yay! It REALLY is THE NEW YORK TIMES knocking on my door. HELLO?! Welcome, come on in!

Next, I was a little shy to be publicized about such a stigmatized skin care secret of mine which is shaving my face in the name of skin care and beauty. However after quickly realizing what a HUGE Opportunity and mark of accomplishment this is, I was ready to get the ball rolling. YAY! Sign me up, let’s get goin’!

Feel free to see the FUN article The New York Times discovered:

women shave their face

Women Shaving their Face

My Reply
I’m happy to answer any interview questions you may have. My email is …
Jen Ruhman

His Reply(NYT)
Jen, Thanks for your response over Facebook. Would you be able to do a quick phone interview this morning between 930 and 11:15 (New York time) or any time after 1245?

My Reply
I can talk now or tomorrow at 7am -7:30am PST or anytime after 3:30PST

His Reply(NYT)

Great, Can you call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX or let me know a number to call you at?

My Reply
Yes, XXX-XXX-XXXX Thanks


Next, I received THE CALL

He called me 7am (EST) and we talked about skin care briefly and he proceeded with the interview questions. We spoke for about twenty five minutes. He was very professional and nice. I was so nervous but it was fun!

An example question he asked: “How old were you when you first tried shaving your face?”

Upon ending the call, he told me he was sending a local field photographer for The new York Times. Wow! This is going to be fancy and huge! I’m going to be featured both online and in print, and promoted through social media. As an SEO consultant myself (day job) I was drooling over the gain of a valuable back link pointing to my website. It really got my tail wagging. 😉 woof woof 😉 Just being able to contribute information to The New York Times was a HUGE honor.

The Photoshoot, get ready for that closeup missy!

Hello world!

Hello world!

And finally the big day was scheduled for a full blown “documentary style” photo shoot. No fancy wind in my hair, strictly a photo of me tending to my skin and the art of shaving my face. All business of me, my razor, and the mirror in my dimly lit bathroom. 😉 The kind of photo shoot you dream of right? 😉  What do I wear? Am I supposed to not be wearing any makeup? I kept it classy and elegant – a true reflection of my website I represent. Nice blouse,  long pencil skirt, heels, and pearls oh la la. I was so fortunate and thankful to work with the lovely and talented photographer Tara Pixley. Please check out her amazing photography portfolio: It’s pretty much like hitting the lottery for a photo shoot. That analogy was perfect.

Oh my goodness, Tara Pixley is so talented! Her photography is the utmost highest quality and has a playful creative vibe. I really cannot do her justice with my description, you have to check out this woman’s photography for yourself and you’ll be so happy you did.

Tara was so kind and understanding how weird I felt having this photo taken. I told her my worst fear was looking all gross, blemished, and close up like a bearded woman. LOL. I told her, “please no uggos” LOL. Poor thing, of course she “got down” and literally stepped into my bathtub to get that world class photo. And of all days I had a spider in the tub right? Geez. She did a great job, I love the photo she took which made the main headline photo of the article. Sweet!

Good afternoon, what? I’m Featured Online?! Sweet!

What? I’m a featured skin care and beauty blogger on the New York Times? Yes.

Here I am

Here I am

So, I was unsure what day this story was hitting the paper let alone when it would be published online. I guess that’s how these things go. I contacted my NYT point of contact and he informed me it would be in print next Thursday (June 11th 2015) And that it would appear online a few days before. I came home from work Tuesday early in the evening and BAM, I saw my face on The New York Times “Fashion & Style” section. Wow! I was in shock! How exciting! I quickly shared the news with everyone. I was so proud.

The article featured a few other beauty bloggers such as myself and a dermatologist. The story is called. Sometimes, Even Women Need a Smoothly Shaved Face.

I read the article and I loved being quoted! Also, I loved clicking on a link to my blog. WOW.

(side note) They used my website URL, however they removed the hyphens (-) in the blog post URL structure, so it pointed to an error page for an hour until I fixed it my savvy self. They “truncated” the structure, so I changed my link to match their link and I received all that good traffic from The New York Times. I received a few thousand extra hits that day and it continues to trickle in. And of course I’m linking back to them both on that blog post and on my website’s footer. Not to mention many people purchased the razor I recommended on my website. My Amazon associates account said “CHA-CHING” Thank you! (affiliate program)

I need to find The New York Times newspaper in my neck of the woods!

Silly me. I thought I could find a copy of the paper at my favorite gas station. Nope, neither. That morning I couldn’t run around town for the paper, I had to get to work. Ok, I did run around a little 😉 Looking like a crazy lady in my high heels running into gas stations. Where’s a news stand around here? Good question. LOL.

Luck for me, I have a nice aunt on the east coast that picked up a few copies and told me she’s sending them ASAP. Yay! My Aunt Mary saved the day! Woo hoo! I wish everyone had an Aunt Mary btw. She’s the best.

Jen Ruhman

In print – Via Aunt Mary – Thanks!!!

Memento (*Update see below)

You know I ordered the framed custom reprint of the article of course! I cannot wait to get that baby in the mail and hang it in my beauty blog room. Yes, a beauty blog room. What the heck does that look like? Here’s a tiny view of the room featured in my article about the blogging equipment I use for this beauty blog.

What’s Next?!

Glad you asked! This whole experience has helped my blog in more ways than ever. It gives me the happiness and confidence that I can keep beauty blogging. Someone really BIG loved my blog and shared on a large scale! That means something right? You bet. As my blog turns 2 years old soon, I’m amazed what great things have come my way. The people I have met, and the people that love my blog and leave me comments. Not to mention my blog is getting more traffic than ever. I never even dreamed how huge this blog hobby has gotten. Companies contact me wanting to give me new products to try. Companies are lining up wanting to advertise on my blog. The most important thing to me is that I’ve kept the integrity of this blog intact. Meaning, I have turned down many advertisements because I only allow what I actually believe in. I’m thankful to have that luxury too!

Most of all, I love that I can share my knowledge and passion with the world. I try the best I can to personally respond to comments myself as soon as possible.

It’s finally here!

Here’s my custom framed reprint:

Featured in the New York Times

Featured in the New York Times

Yes, a true gem! 🙂

UPDATE: 7/27/2015

Platt College San Diego has acknowledged my feature in The New York Times. I’m so excited to make my alma Matter Platt College proud of me. This is where I got my start and where I attended school to become a web and graphic designer in San Diego.

Platt College Alumni Jen Ruhman

Be sure to check out the lovely Platt Alumni Spotlight they wrote about me! -Jen Ruhman

Any questions? Please leave them down below. Thank you!









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