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Posted by on Aug 31, 2014 | 8 comments

How to Repair Bleached Hair

How to Repair Bleached Hair

How to Repair Bleached Hair at home with the best conditioners for bleached hair, a natural hair repair remedy recipe to fix bleached damaged dry hair, and some products you can purchase. I will show you How to repair bleached hair and fix the damage cause by peroxide and bleach. I will show you step by step how to repair bleached hair within 5 hours! I will also tell you how to care for your bleached hair after you bleach it. Please continue reading How to Repair Bleached Hair.

How to Repair Bleached Hair at home – Fried Hair Remedy:

The most important step how to repair bleached hair is to moisturize your bleached damaged hair at home. Moisturizing your hair and scalp is the #1 most important way how to repair bleached hair. You need heavy duty conditioners, not your regular inexpensive conditioners. From now on you need to purchase conditioners that are exclusively for Dry Damaged Hair. I have a list of the best hair conditioners for bleached damaged hair here. These are hair care conditioners and treatments that I’ve used and had success with. I also have an all natural how to repair bleached damaged hair at home recipe down below.

Hair 911 – What to do After your Bleach your Hair


#1. Deep Condition your Bleached Damaged Hair

The most important step not to do after you bleach your hair is shampoo it! No Shampooing your hair! After you bleach your hair, rinse the bleach out with warm water and apply a deep conditioner to your hair, rinse the conditioner out to help remove the excess bleach from your hair. We’re using the conditioner as a substitute for shampoo. Next, apply more conditioner and let it sit in your hair for at least five minutes! Use the conditioner for a shampoo substitute for one week. This is extremely important because your hair is severely dry, brittle, damaged, rough and fragile. You may not notice the damage right away after bleaching it, however after your hair has dried and you attempt to use a flat iron on it, you’ll see the damaged hair.

How to Repair Bleached Hair

How to Repair Bleached Hair

How to Repair Bleached Hair at home Recipe:

#2 After rinsing and conditioning your bleached damaged hair, apply this homemade hair mask for bleached hair:

#3 In a bowel, combine 1 egg, 1 Cup of Olive Oil and mix completely (you can substitute olive oil for coconut oil)

#4 Apply this mixture to your hair and use a loose hair tie to pull your hair back in a messy ponytail or bun

#5 Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap or a plastic bag – warm up a towel in the dryer and when it’s nice and hot, wrap your head on top of the plastic bag. (keeps your towel from getting oily)

#6 Allow the homemade bleached hair mask to stay on for at least three hours, the more, the better!

#7 Rinse the hair mask – Do NOT use shampoo and follow with your regular hair conditioner

#8 Allow your hair to dry naturally. Don’t use a blow dryer and do not use a flat iron or curling iron

#9 While your hair is drying, throw way your flat iron and and heat devices


#2. Avoid Shampoos containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

You’ll want to switch to a gentle shampoo after the first week too. Get a shampoo that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. This is a chemical that will severely dry out your bleached fried hair even more. Avoid it at all costs. A lot of people do not realize that avoiding this chemical is a great benefit how to repair bleached hair and prevent any more damage to the hair.

#3 Stop Applying Heat to your bleached damaged hair!

Stop using your flat iron, blow drier, curling iron on your hair! Because your hair is severely dried out as it is, heat and damaged hair do NOT MIX! You can end up breaking your hair off in clumps. Even if you’re using hair heat protectant, your hair is still able to break. If you must straighten your hair for a special occasion, I suggest using it on the lowest settings and making sure you hair has been deeply conditioned before you attempt. After your special occasion, you must replenish the moisture with the How to Repair Bleached Hair – recipe above.

#4 Don’t Shampoo your hair Everyday!

You will not want to remove all the natural oils from your hair everyday. Instead, be generous with hair conditioners.

#5  Don’t Wear your hair Down Everyday

Try to gently tie back your hair. Your hair will lose moisture and it will become more dry. Hair styles that are too tight will cause breakage.


How to Repair Bleached Hair at home
What Peroxide Does to Hair

Hair bleaching strips the melanin (dark color) in your hair strands. When you bleach your hair, it also causes your hair to lose moisture and proteins along with that melanin. Hair bleaching can be extremely damaging and also cause hair breakage and split ends if not done properly or if you have bleached you hair too many times. If you have bleached your hair too many times and it’s starting to break, I have all the answers right here. Please take your time and read, you might learn more about hair and especially how to repair bleached hair. You might be able to help someone fix their bleached hair after reading this. Let’s get started.

My Crazy Bleached Hair Nightmare

First a little about my damaged bleached hair journey. Back in 2011 I went wild and bleached my hair platinum! My hair color was gorgeous and I felt glamorous having super blonde bleached hair. My hair was also 23 inches long all the way down my back. After I bleached my hair, I was styling it with my flat iron and really looking like I lived at the Playboy Mansion or even a Barbie doll. After a month of having my bleached hair, I needed to touch up my dark roots, I scorched my hair and severely dried out the parts of my hair that were previously bleached. My bleached hair was breaking off in clumps of hair! The back of my head had a “rat’s nest” of dried damaged bleach hair. My hair was turning brassy orange and yellow, my bleached hair was dry like a brillo pad.

I was able to save my bleached damaged hair from breaking off. Their bleached hair repair recipe I have shared (above) with you helped my dry bleached damaged hair stop breaking and made it look shiny and feel soft again! I also purchased some hair products that helped my save my bleached hair too! Whichever is easier for you, they bother work incredible!

Thank you for reading How to Repair Bleached Hair! I hope this can help you with your newly bleached blonde hair journey!








  1. Dearest Jen

    Before I sat down to look into hair recovery or (Hay) as I call it I looked at all my products and there was the Infusium Pro23. I threw about 1/4 of the leave in treatment on my hair. Felt good. And then I read on your site about it. Ha!
    Wanted to add, I learned so much in such a short period of time. Thank you soooooo MUCH for your detailed explanations on every topic.

    Sincerely, M

    • I’m always happy to hear I could help in any way. Thank you for sharing M!

  2. I recently got two sets of highlights on my already thin, damaged hair. Then as if that wasn’t enough, I went on to get the keratin treatment which by itself isn’t damaging, but the iron they use to seal the product in the hair did so much damage to my hair that I almost chop my hair off…rewind to a couple weeks back when my sister decided to use coconut oil on her hair and I as usual copied her moves. I’ve been using coconut oil as an overnight treatment on my hair for a couple of weeks now, and although have seen some improvement, it is still damaged and broken. A couple days I stumbled on your site and so glad I did. I purchased the infusium 23 leave in treatment, but for some reason it left my hair dry and stiff. I know you mentioned in one of your other posts that you did the same thing and it was due to too much product and not brushing it out completely, but I tried that and still got stiff hair. What am I doing wrong? My hair is dry at the ends, and although it doesn’t have split ends, I am still experiencing severely dry hair. I’m using a repair hair mask twice a week, and only use sulfate free shampoo twice a week. How long should I wait to restore some life back in my hair? any other advise? sorry for the long post, but I figured it’d be easier for you to give me advise if you knew exactly what caused such distress on my hair…

    Thank you!

    • Hi Josie, have your tried saturating your hair in olive oil and wrapping your hair up in a warm towel? That usually deep conditions your hair. You should try it! I love olive oil! Let is stay in your hair for at least 3 hours. You can try washing it out of your hair with conditioner. Let your hair dry naturally.

  3. Hi!I bleach my hair about once a year around summer time or Halloween dye it crazy colors 🙂 and go back darker around Christmas, and as a repair treatment I found the olive oil remedy and I love it! Works great but I have not tried if with the egg I was too worried about the smell the egg would give off lol anyways its getting time for me to start bleaching it again and I will have to follow your steps to help my hair heal faster. Thanks!

    • Glad this helped your bleached hair. Thanks for visiting.
      Jen Ruhman

  4. Good read! I don’t know what my stylist was thinking. She cut my hair BEFORE bleaching which I don’t think makes sense. I’d beach then give the ends a snip. In the area that she did that the hair like exploded. Then she tried to do a blonde wand mimic where she ran the flat iron over the foils to speed up the process. Needless to say it’s looking like I’m going to need to shave my head. I’m working in nursing my hair back to health, but how long again until you can use a little heat? The “natural hair” look really doesn’t work for me. I feel like I end up doing just as much damage trying to wrangle my curly hair. I would only apply heat once a week. Would that still be too much once I got my hair to a good place?

    • Hi Lauren,
      You can try using a heat protectant. If you must use a blog dryer, don’t completely dry your hair, leave it a little damp so you don’t over dry your hair and break it. If you need curls, try wrapping your hair in a “sock bun” on top of your head at night. This way you will wake up with big beautiful curls and soft hair.
      If you want to straighten your curly hair, straighten on the lowest setting. You can also gently blow dry your hair straight with a big round brush.
      I hope that helps.
      XO Jen

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