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Posted by on Dec 17, 2013 in DIY Remedies, Hair Tutorials | 4 comments

How to Properly Clean your Hair Brush

How to Properly Clean your Hair Brush

How to properly clean your hair brush, especially your boar bristle hairbrush bristles! I’ll show you how to wash your hairbrush and make sure you don’t damage your brush while washing it!

How to properly clean your hair brush and wash it properly will take only five minutes! Knowing how to wash your hair brush will ensure your brushes last longer and stay looking like new. We spend so much time using out beauty tools, especially our hair brushes, that we forget to take time and properly clean our hair brushes. Today I’m going to specifically show you how to properly clean your boar bristle hair brush! It’s a little more work than a comb! See my shocking before and after photos, especially what a dirty brush looks like close up!

how to properly clean your hair brush

how to properly clean your hair brush – Before Photo – EWWWW!

How to Properly Clean your Hair Brush – The Beauty Benefits


Dandruff can be PREVENTED by Properly Cleaning your Hair Brush!

1. Your Hair will stay Cleaner
2. Your Hair will be Shinier
3. Your brush will Last Longer!
4. Your brush will glide down Easier

How to Properly Clean your Hair Brush – What You Need:

1. Dish Soap
2. Clarifying Shampoo
3. Paper Towels
4. Comb or Hair Pick
5. Drop of Tea Tree Oil (Optional)

What’s Lurking in YOUR Hairbrush?

photo close up of hair brush

You need to clean your hairbrush regularly, at least once every month, ideally every other week for a healthy scalp and clean hair. I used a 60mm lens to capture up close what’s in the average dirty hair brush! Dust, fuzz, hair, oil, dead skin cells, and more!

How to Properly Clean your Hair Brush –  Step 1

how to clean your hair brush

Use a hair Pick or comb to gently remove the hair trapped in the bristles. Lots of dust and fuzz accumulates in each bound of bristles deep to the base. The more oil the brush collects, the more easily it can attach dust and hair to the bristles like a magnet. Lots of micro bacteria can grow in this environment and cause dandruff! See how important it is to know how to PROPERLY clean your hair brush?!

how to clean your hair brush

How to Properly Clean your Hair Brush –  Step 2

how to wash your hair brush

Fill your sink with warm soapy water, adding a couple drops of dish soap and a drop of Tea Tree Oil to disinfect your hair brush. Dish soap will help dissolve the grease and oil from your hair brush.

How to Properly Clean your Hair Brush –  Step 3

how to wash your hair brush at home Wet your brush by dipping it into the soapy water upside down. This important not to let it sink or submerge into the bottom, that will weaken the bristles for the hair brush! This is the best way how to clean your hair brush because you’re avoiding water to stay trapped in the base which would weaken the base and cause bristles to fall out.

How to Properly Clean your Hair Brush –  Step 4

clean your hair brush with shampoo

Apply a generous drop of your favorite clarifying shampoo, I’m using Garnier Fructis. This will help clean the bristles and condition the bristles to a regular PH balance for hair. I also love the smell! 😉 Lather up your brush and continue to use your hair pick to get out any loose dust.

How to Properly Clean your Hair Brush –  Step 5
rinse your hair brush

Rinse your brush generously and make sure you place your brush upside down to let the water fall out of the base of the brush. You don’t want water damaging the base. Use warm water!

How to Properly Clean your Hair Brush –  Step 6

clean your hair brush

Allow you hair brush to dry naturally upside down. Without using any heat will ensure your boar bristles will stay in great condition and won’t break. Your bristles will be shiny like new! Enjoy your clean hair brush!

a before and after photo of a dirty and clean brush

Look at the before and after photo of my hair brush that went from dirty build up to squeaky clean! Like my brush? It’s this one:

Thank you for reading my article: How to Properly Clean your Hair Brush

Did these photos scare you? Let me know in the comments below! LOL

Also, learn the Boar Bristle Brush Benefits and how to properly use a boar bristle brush in this article:

xo Jen


Jen Ruhman

As an authority of skin care and beauty products, my goal is to inspire and educate women providing them honest reviews of beauty products and sharing my own personal results. I am inspired by Estée Lauder and her quote, "Beauty is an attitude. There's no secret. Why are all brides beautiful? Because on their wedding day they care about how they look. There are no ugly women - only women who don't care or who don't believe they're attractive."

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  1. nice tips..i shall try this out real soon!

  2. I have a experience with wildgood brushes and I’m having a very good results, I choosed this brush because is 100% natural you should try!!Very good article about how to clean the brushes, I was looking for a good explanation for clean my!!

  3. I have a circular boat bristle brush. How do you suggest that I clean it without weakening the bristles? One side at a time?

    • Hi Siri B,
      You can just take a fine comb and go into each row carefully, and clean it just as mentioned in this post.
      This helps remove the build up of hair,oil, dust, and lint that gets trapped deep in a boar bristle brush. It’s best to clean the bristles so the trapped debree doesn’t weaken the base of the bristles.


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