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How to Get Shiny Hair is one of my favorite hair care topics to talk about! I grabbed every hair product I use to get healthy shiny hair and wrote this blog post. I also made a matching You Tube video explaining how to get shiny hair. Please read more.If I can get shiny hair fast, anyone can get shiny hair! I’ll show you how I got my hair shiny in this article “How to Get Shiny Hair.” My hair has a lot of damage from when I bleached my hair blonde and I’m STILL able to get my my damaged hair shiny. Imagine how shiny YOUR hair can get with my shiny hair methods listed below!


How to Get Shiny Hair – #1 Hair Products I Use:

Infusium 23 Repair & Renew Leave In Treatment – A very important step to do if you have badly damaged hair, is first use some infusium 23 ! This will repair your hair and also help you add shine to your hair! If your hair is damaged, this is the best way to add instant shine to your hair! 😉 Yay! ALSO Read my Review: infusium 23 leave in treatment Repair and Renew Review

how to get shiny hair

how to get shiny hair – Oleo Therapy by L’Oreal Paris

Oleo Therapy By L’Oreal Paris – This hair care system is sulfate free and has nourishing oils that won’t irritate your scalp! The oils also help make your hair super shiny! Because you’re not stripping the good natural oils in your hair, you’re able to use those oils and distribute them all the way to your hair ends, creating incredible shine!


how to get shiny hair

CLEAR scalp and hair therapy


Clear Hair & Scalp Therapy Conditioner – I love this conditioner because it also helps me get shiny hair. I don’t use the shampoo because it has sodium laureth sulfate. The CLEAR conditioner helps nourish your scalp and your hair! A healthy scalp means shiny hair!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: My favorite oil for shiny hair is extra virgin olive oil because it’s rich and one of the few oils can absorb into the hair shaft! You can add a teaspoon to your handful of  hair conditioner in the shower!

Wen Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment: A very heavy conditioner that completely quenches your hair’s thirst. This rinses so smooth, your hair feel like silk right after your rinse! My hair was also completely untangled after rinsing. Any dead hairs rinsed right out of my hair. If you have severely DRY hair, you should switch to this ENTIRE hair care system!  Read my Wen review!

how to get shiny hair

Boar Bristle Brush

How to Get Shiny Hair – #2 Hair Brush I use:

The hair brush I use for shiny hair is a boar bristle brush. This brush helps evenly distribute the natural oils your scalp produces. Because I use sulfate free shampoos as mentioned above, I have a healthy amount of my natural hair oils throughout my hair and the boar bristle brush helps distribute them from my roots to my ends! The brush is great for not only adding incredible shine, but protecting your hair with your own natural oils! If you have an oily scalp, this can help make your hair feel less flat and less weighed down at your roots. Make sure your wash your boar bristle brush at least once every two weeks, Read my article: How to Properly Clean your Hair Brush

You don’t need to over brush your hair to see results either! Remember “100 hair strokes a day?” That’s too much brushing and can actually weaken your hair from being under too much stress, wear and tear. Just brush your hair until it feels smooth and even. You’ll see incredible shine in your hair and for a bonus, your hair will have more body and your hair styles will hold better. To learn more about boar bristle brushes, read my article here: Boar Bristle Brush Benefits.

Shiny hair up close

Shiny hair up close!

How to Get Shiny Hair – #3 Hair wash method I use:

I wash the conditioner out of my hair first with warm water because it helps comfortably remove the conditioner. Warm water helps lift up the plates of the hair follicle just like it opens our pores on our skin  for cleansing. Warm water also helps the conditioner soak into the hair. After the warm water rinse, now we’re going to rinse our hair in the coldest water possible. The cold water will close and flatten the plates on our hair making it shiny! The plates closed shut means the strand of hair will be smooth. For a visual, imagine warm water making the hair strand look fuzzy and cold water makes it look like silk or glass! When hair is smooth, like glass, it will reflect light making it shiny! Yay!

I hope I explained everything enough for you! Please feel free to ask me any questions how to get shiny hair!

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