How to do makeup like an Instagram filter

How to do makeup like an Instagram filter. Have you ever wondered how to blur your skin with makeup? I’m talking about having real like flawless skin in person and looking like you stepped out of your filtered instagram selfie. There’s some amazing NEW makeup products that I have been using that really blur out my skin and give a soft focus effect. They give me everything I want and that’s porcelain skin with a matte finish. Keep reading and check out the affordable drugstore makeup that gave me a blurred skin effect. You won’t feel the need to even use an instagram filter on your “#Selfies” anymore! Read How to do makeup like an Instagram filter. Yay!

How to do makeup like an Instagram filter

I’m so excited to share with you my top makeup picks that give you blurred skin like an instagram filter. Have you ever  used an instagram filter on your selfie and instantly looked flawless? There’s some amazing filters on instargam like Mayfair and Crema that give you blemish free, wrinkle free, and poreless looking skin. However, how do you look like an instagram filter in real life? LOL.

How do you look like an instagram filter in real life?

First of all Here’s a photo I took without using any instagram filter what so ever. Keep in mind I have on a lot of makeup. All the soft focus makeup I used such as primer, foundation, and primer are listed below.

Skin blurring makeup

Skin blurring makeup – I’m wearing the most makeup here

How to do makeup like an Instagram filter

No filter here! Warm Lighting in the living room.  How to do makeup like an Instagram filter – I’m wearing lots of makeup here too

In this photo I’m not wearing as much blush or contour and still no instagram filter:

How to do makeup like an Instagram filter

No filter here! Natural lighting in the office – How to do makeup like an Instagram filter – I’m not wearing as heavy of a makeup application

Here’s me using an Instagram Filter:

And finally, here’s me wearing makeup and adding an Instagram filter called “Mayfair” That’s a ton of blurring! Now, the makeup I use listed down below is my “How to do makeup like an Instagram filter” It’s how I can get the most blurry skin as possible!

skin blurring makeup

Me using instagram’s filter called “Mayfair”

The Answer…

The right combination of makeup primer, foundation, and setting powder make a world of difference. I wish I had these products when I was in my twenties dealing with acne.

All of these makeup products have skin blurring technology

Silicons are the magic blurring ingredient

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Why Silicone for blurring? This unique ingredient is used for not just makeup, take a look at the automobile industry using silicons for paint scratch repair products! If you have a scratch on your car and need to blur it using a paint scratch repair product, check out the ingredients. It’s true! Silicon is the magic blur ingredient.

Start with the ultimate skin blurring primer

#1 e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer – (Purple) Skin Brightening Formula

This stuff is incredible at blurring your skin!  Even if you want to have a makeup free day, this primer will blur out your pores and any fine lines on contact. This has a high amout of silicons – silicons are the magic blurring ingredient. I Looked at the ingredients and there’s a high amount of Cyclohexasiloxane and Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethicone, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Silica <– These ares  silicons that has the highest light reflective property in makeup products right now! Also including mica, another amazing light reflecting superstar!


It’s so important using a primer before you apply your foundation. The primer is what you want making contact with your skin, it helps to get your foundation looking more smooth and most important stay in place and last all day. Now that you’ve blurred your face, now let’s add some full coverage makeup that blurs your skin and makes you look like an instagram filter. LOL. It’s only $6.00! And in my opinion its way better than the expensive high end primers out there, especially the smashbox photo finish primer! 😉 Save that money!

Now add with the ultimate skin blurring foundation

#2 This Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation. This is the ULTIMATE light weight full coverage skin blurring foundation. The first time I tried this foundation, I wanted to throw away all my other foundation and I just might have the courage to keep downsizing my makeup collection now! I have tried over thirty foundations in my lifetime so take my word! I have used high end foundation, drugstore foundation, professional makeup artist foundation, air brush systems – yes systems with an “s” LMAO. Sure, I loved a few of these foundations but for the price, time, and light weight, this is my favorite foundation for skin blurring. Rimmel Stay Matte foundation is so easy to apply and blend too. Yes, this has tons of skin blurring silicons in it too.


This Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mouse foundation is also well known as a dupe for the Kat Von D Lock it Foundation. My opinion, the Rimmel stay matte liquid mousse foundation is BETTER! And under $10.00!


skin blurring foundation

skin blurring foundation – Rimmel Stay Matte

I feel like I’m applying a dessert mousse to my face, when I use this stuff! (YUM!) I also use my Real Techniques sponge to apply for a perfect application every time. I get full coverage and instantly blurred skin when I use this foundation on top of the e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer.


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The Final step to the most ultimate blurred skin makeup

#3 You need this finishing powder to set your makeup and add the final blurry makeup effect. I recommend this e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder. This HD studio finishing powder is so lightweight, translucent, and provides that “soft focus” look to any skin type. Because it’s sheer powder, you can use this on any skin tone. It comes with a nice powder puff that you can use to press into the skin. This is the ultimate porcelain skin finisher too. Once you apply this soft focus skin blurring powder, you will be amazed!

This makeup combination can change your life!

If you want flawless skin and that’s what gives you confidence– Go for it! Let makeup empower you! When you’re feeling good about yourself, you gain confidence. Confidence is sexy and it’s amazing the gravity it has pulling amazing things into your life such as career opportunities, romance,  and new doors just unlocking everywhere you travel, etc.

It’s important to me that I shared with you these amazing makeup products that can give you flawless skin. I once had a life changing experience – gaining confidence in myself – feeling powerful and confident when I looked at myself. Not only did I feel powerful on the outside, I felt like a force from within come to life. When you feel great about yourself, and most importantly love yourself – it’s the best feeling. You will give off en energy that people find magnetic, like gravity. I have been told this in college when I found myself and felt confident. Pretty soon, doors were opening every where, the biggest company in the world called me asking to interview me. I’ll have to blog more about that day soon!

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I know it sounds cheesy, but I honestly want someone to also have that feeling –even if it’s just because you tried these amazing makeup products!

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my Skin blurring makeup secrets

my Skin blurring makeup secrets

Thank you for reading How to do makeup like an Instagram filter. Let me know if you tried all three products.

Happy #selfie pix 🙂




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