How to Cut your makeup collection in Half

Do you own too much makeup? Certified makeup hoarder? Hello! Here’s how to cut your makeup collection in half. I finally had the courage to throw away almost half of my makeup. I filled up the entire bathroom trashcan. The phrase alone can have some makeup hoarders gasp for air. If you’re having trouble letting go of some of your makeup, read my story how I finally condensed my makeup collection in the sake of organization and skin health. This can be a real eye opener to how much money you’ve spent on makeup and how often you’re making makeup purchases. Yikes! You can still buy new makeup, just get rid of some of it in these easy steps. LOL.

“I have too much makeup!”

It all started when I couldn’t close one of my makeup bins. Then I tried opening the drawer and shoving stuff back to make room. LOL. And for my bonus, the drawer gets stuck. Has this happened to you? You might also be a makeup hoarder like myself. 🙂

Here’s everything I threw away:

How to Cut your Makup Collection in Half!

“Throw some of my makeup away?” ;( pshhh!

I looked into the drawer of some of my beautiful and beloved eyeshadow palettes, high-end foundations, powders, contour kits, finishing sprays, primers, false eyelashes, concealers, BB creams, you name it! (tip of the iceberg) After having a lengthy beauty box subscription to Wantable, I had some products I rarely used or never fell in love with just collect dust. Worst of all, once a makeup product is opened, you can’t really share it. It’s not good hygiene.

I decided I need to downsize my makeup collection, organize, and show more respect to my makeup passion.

Makeup can actually go bad and expire and cause skin irritation.

Get ready, I took all of my makeup out of the bins, and spread it on the floor and grabbed a trashcan.

Step 1: Throw away expired makeup

I decided to first get rid of makeup that was 3 years old and older. Yikes! I looked at some of my old liquid foundations, put some onto my arm and gross, the foundation was watery and oily. It had separated! It even burned my arm. lol. No matter how expensive, throw it away. It was actually hard throwing some of the old stuff away. I felt wasteful. How did I let all this makeup expire? When you have a ton of makeup or a makeup addiction, you’re constantly purchasing new makeup, trying it and storing it away and using sparingly if you’re not in love with it.

Step 2: Throw away makeup you have not used in the past 3 months

I have so many eyeshadow palettes that basically had the same shades, finishes, textures, etc. I threw away the palettes that I rarely used. There’s makeup I had that I only used twice. If you’re not in love with a particular item, throw it away! If you only own makeup that you absolutely love, getting ready will be so much more fun!

Step 3: Throw away makeup that has a dupe

You don’t need five neutral eyeshadow palettes. You don’t need five different brands of finishing powder. You don’t need thirty lip glosses. You don’t need all those unflattering lipsticks that you know you’ll never wear. You don’t need three different mineral foundations. You don’t need five chap sticks.

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Step 4: Foundation / lipstick that’s the wrong shade

How many times have I been guilty purchasing makeup online to only be disappointed that I bought the WRONG shade?!

Makeup looks one color on my computer monitor and another color in real life. Has this ever happened to you? It’s happened to me so many times purchasing lipstick and foundation. When I get the wrong foundation, I always say oh I’ll just mix it with a foundation that’s too dark or light. I was on a quest to find the perfect neutral pink lipstick for work and now I have ten pink lipsticks that are the wrong shade of pink. LOL

Step 5: Throw away makeup that’s used up

I have six foundations that won’t pump out anymore and I’m saving them? Let’s be realistic, I’m never going to scrape out every drop of foundation, just throw it away. I have five powder compacts that are 90% used up and hard to use, throw them away!

Step 6: Throw away makeup that’s not cruelty free

Make a good habit only supporting cruelty free companies! I know it’s harder than ever doing detective work on your favorite brands. You’ll feel better knowing you’re saving a bunny’s life too I promise. 🙂

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Step 7: Throw away makeup that breaks you out!

No matter how expensive or high quality a makeup product is, if it does not agree with your skin, throw it away! You’re doing yourself a big favor.

Step 8: Be Realistic

Which makeup products are your “go to” and which do you not realistically not see yourself using in the next couple months? This is the last step to having a nicely condensed makeup collection. Keep the products you know you will be using in the next few days, throw away the excess! Your makeup collection will look so much more neat and organized. You’ll feel better too!

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Step 9: Get rid of old makeup brushes

I have had some makeup brushes for several years. After years of wear and tear, some of them are not as soft or fluffy as they used to be. Some of the bristles have decreased and they don’t give a good flawless application anymore. Always get rid of makeup brushes that shed while you apply makeup or get stuck in your foundation. Always make sure you wash your brushes properly and take good care of your makeup brushes.

Step 10: Organize Organize Organize

Now that you got rid of a bunch of makeup, organize what’s left. Become more familiar with your makeup, swatch out some colors and arrange your makeup properly. Perhaps Place your special occasion makeup in the back and your everyday makeup in the front. Whatever you use the most, make it more accessible. Keep a notepad handy to keep track of what you’re running low on or what you want to try out using in the store. If you’re shopping for makeup in the store, bring a piece of paper with you and get some swatches and compare them in natural lighting. Sometimes makeup looks a different color when you’re shopping under fluorescent lighting.

You can keep buying new makeup but if you don’t love it 100%, get rid of it! Take your time when you shop for makeup. It’s always best to get a free sample or try it in the store if possible.

Now that you have more room, you can slowly make more purchases and take your time deciding what deserves to be treasured in your makeup collection.

Congrats! You’re Finished.

I’m sooo guilty of these makeup hoarding symptoms! Are you? Leave yours in a comment below!

I filled up the entire bathroom trashcan with makeup after using these 10 steps.







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