How to Cure your Dry Hands and Feet

Want to know how to cure your dry hands and feet ? Almost everyone gets rough dry feet and dry hands with dry cuticles at some point in their life. Dry weather, outdoor activities, and even certain medications can even dry out your skin, making it essential to do a daily treatment that will not only treat your skin right now, but also help prevent dry skin in the first place! Yay!

best hand and foot scrub cure

best hand and foot scrub cure

How to cure your dry hands and feet with 3 ingredients! I have a skin regimen that I use weekly to pamper my hands and feet and also a daily preventative solution. To treat my skin weekly, I make a moisturizing hand and foot scrub that makes my hands so silky soft and deeply moisturized, the results always amaze me and I feel like I left a spa! You’ll want to keep touching your hands and feet after this I promise!!!

 How to Cure your Dry Hands and Feet – Ingredients

Ingredients for the BEST hand and foot scrub:

  1. 2 Tablespoons of brown sugar
  2. 2 Tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  3. 20 drops of Jasmine oil

To apply this mixture to my hands, I like to go to my kitchen sink and warm up my hands under the faucet for a minute with warm water, this helps get your blood circulating to the area and open up your pores. For my feet, I like to do this treatment in the shower.

Mix the ingredients in a small dish or even try putting the ingredients in the palm of your hand like me. (pro) Say goodbye to your dry hands and feet because you won’t recognize them after this dry hand and foot scrub!

How to Cure your Dry Hands and Feet!Now the most important step is to gently scrub your hands together getting every square inch of your hands exfoliated. Take your time and keep scrubbing for at least three minutes. Your hands or feet should now be tingling. Make sure you scrub your cuticles too! The sugar should be melted by now and the olive and jasmine oil should be deeply moisturizing your layers of skin by now. Turn your faucet on to warm water and run them under the water for a minute to really maximize the absorption of the moisture. Take a paper towel and blot the excess off. Be very careful if you do this in the shower to your feet because you could slip getting out. Make sure you towel dry them perfectly.

Your hands and feet should be looking amazing at this point! You’re ready for modeling jewelry or sandals now!

The benefits of this dry skin hand and foot scrub are:
  1. Moisturized skin
  2. Conditioned cuticles and nails
  3. More flexible nails
  4. Stimulates cell growth
  5. Improve lymph functions
  6. Detoxify the skin
  7. Oxygenate the skin

To give prevent dry skin the natural way, make sure you consume 2 table spoons of extra virgin olive or coconut oil per day. Also make sure you’re getting enough vitamin E and biotin to your daily diet. This will help a great deal! I noticed when I just started including two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to my diet (in my spaghetti in my salads, even in my peanut butter) I noticed my arms and legs didn’t need any lotion! For very dry skin, I highly suggest you keep a little squeeze bottle of extra virgin olive oil in your shower, to apply to your dry skin. This way the warmth of your shower will help absorb the moisture.

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