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Clean makeup Brushes yay! Knowing How to Clean Makeup Brushes essential to your beauty. When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? I’ll show you how to clean  your makeup brushes and also review the Mac Brush Cleanser. Clean your makeup brushes to remove product build up and to ensure a proper makeup application and most importantly, clean your makeup brushes to prevent the transfer of bacteria onto your face.

Clean makeup Brushes? These are my dirty makeup brushes I will show you how to clean makeup brushes. Most of them are MAC makeup brushes, a Juicy Couture blush makeup brush, and some drug store makeup brushes. My FAV is my MAC 182 Kabuki Brush (the fat one). Ok, start by laying out some paper towels to place your dirty brushes on.

how to clean makeup brushes

How to clean makeup brushes – Look at my dirty brushes. Product build up and bacteria!

mac makeup brush cleanser

MAC makeup brush cleanser


How to Clean Makeup Brushes

In my experience, the best and safest way how to clean makeup brushes is to use the Mac Brush Cleanser. I’ve tried other cleansers and I’ve accidentally ruined some expensive brushes. This makeup brush cleanser seems to condition the bristles and won’t leave them too dried out and stiff. It also kills that gross bacteria that can cause acne and other not so fun things. Thank me later!


the best way to clean your makeup brushes

the Best way to clean your makeup brushes!

Rinse your makeup brushes downward in the sink to dampen them and gently open the brushes to get rid of excess loose makeup. A rule how to clean makeup brushes is: Don’t tilt them up, keep moisture out of the bristle bed. Dip your makeup brushes one by one in a cup of the MAC makeup brush cleanser. Fill the cup so only the tips get wet.  The makeup will immediately fall off the brush! Looks like creamy coffee!


cleaning makeup brush

Cleaning makeup brush

Next, swish the brush and draw the brush up and down the side of the cup to loosen trapped makeup in the bristles. Paint the sides of the cup and dip it each time. Don’t let the makeup brush sit in the cleaner. You could risk the dirty makeup absorbing up into the brush bed and lead to the brush hair falling out. This will prevent makeup brush hair from falling!

how to clean your makeup brushes

Rinse brush in water. Pat your makeup brush to remove excess makeup. Repeat.

When you see most of the makeup removed, rinse your makeup brush under the faucet in cold water and pat your makeup brush on a clean paper towel. Repeat. If it’s super dirty, put it back into the cleaner and then rinse. Pat and paint on paper towel and when you can paint clear water on the paper towel, you’re done! Yay!

Let your clean makeup brushes lay flat to dry. Don’t blow dry them, let them air dry naturally. Blow drying will fry the bristles and the brush will never be the same. You might even melt the glue in some brushes. For your Kabuki, I like to let it stand up to dry, so moisture wont get trapped in the base. Your makeup brushes should be clean and as good as new! Bacteria is now also removed. This makeup brush care will also help people that are acne prone. Never share your makeup brushes! Enjoy your clean makeup brushes!

Do you have any questions how to clean makeup brushes? Let me know in the comments below.

Please let me know in the comments section: What is the longest amount of time you’ve waited to clean your makeup brushes?


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cleaned makeup brushes

My brushes are looking good, handles need to be cleaned next! Cleaned makeup brushes -Let them air dry naturally!



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