How I Stay Skinny Secrets

How I Stay Skinny Secrets 

My checklist – No-Ebook – FREE – No Gym – No Weights

how i stay skinny secretsHow I Stay Skinny Secrets. Honestly, this is all I do to keep my figure in check and lose any unwanted excess weight.

Today I’m sharing my honest how I stay skinny secrets. Also how I’ve lost a little excess weight recently and it’s been staying off. Yay!

I didn’t have to lose weight for fitting into my wedding dress either, wowzas!

Best of all its free, fun, and easy. No gym, no weights, no sweating your ass off. (geez I sound lazy) lol

First of all, I’m happy how my body looks and if you want to know how to get my how I stay skinny secrets, keep reading. No e-book or anything. It’s free! woohoo! 🙂

A little about me and maybe you can relate…

I sit most of the day at my office job.

I sit, talk on the phone and I’m wearing professional apparel. I’m in heels and there’s no way I’m first to help carry in heavy boxes from FedEx or UPS… I eat lots of snacks all day and they might not be the healthiest, but they do offer some nutrition and I don’t feel too guilty. I’m sharing everything 🙂 Oh and I don’t even take the stairs – I take the elevator lol.

secrets how to stay skinny

The #1 most important tip for how I stay skinny Walking Everyday

Everyday after work, I take my dog for a walk around the lake. It’s about one mile per lap and we usually just walk two miles everyday.

Walking helps keep my body skinny and I don’t bulk up. I prefer walking vs. running. Walking is easier on the body and you can work on your posture, relaxation, and breathing when you’re walking. You can actually tone your abs just by walking in perfect posture – actively engaging your ab muscles. You also don’t have to worry about saggy face muscles you can get from running. Your knees will also stay looking delicate and slim too. I have the “thigh gap” I want and my body feels slim not bulky.

To maintain my weight I just walk two miles. If I’ve been dining out at the buffet or eating desserts, I just add another lap to my walk. It’s been working out great. Pretty easy peasy. My friends that go to the gym cannot believe this is all I do along with some of my How I Stay Skinny Secrets:

  • Walk after your biggest meal
  • Your biggest meal should be before noon
  • Your smallest meal should be after 5PM
  • Walking can help burn any excess sugar in your blood stream and burn it as energy before it gets stored as fat
  • Eat snacks during the day to prevent you from eating huge meals
  • Drink water throughout the day
  • Alternate drinking green tea or coffee
  • NEVER drink soda
  • NEVER drink diet coke
  • Don’t drink fruit juice (pure sugar)
  • NEVER eat before going to sleep
  • If you eat pasta, balance it with vegetables and protein
  • NEVER eat Top Ramen
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep at night
  • If you think you snore – get help for sleep APNEA
  • If your partner snores – get them help for sleep apnea
  • Not having enough sleep causes weight gain!
  • Try to laugh everyday
  • If you sit all day, never eat fruit -it’s too sugary
  • If you sit all day, opt for vegetables or fiber bars for snacks
  • Give yourself at least an hour everyday after work to unwind and relax
  • Get your back looked at by a chiropractor – having a spine alignment can help you correct your posture and keep your organs working properly.
  • NEVER eat white rice
  • NEVER eat white potatoes -eat sweet potatoes instead
  • NEVER eat artificial sugar
  • Try to limit red meat consumption
  • Order food with sauce on the side
  • Limit salad dressing
  • Eat slowly and take small bites for better digestion
  • NEVER drink sweetened iced tea
  • If you need to quickly lose weight omit meat from your meal and replace with an extra serving of vegetables



Thanks for reading! Please share my How I Stay Skinny Secrets – Checklist for STAYING SKINNY.



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