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Posted by on Mar 30, 2014 | 11 comments

Free Beauty Samples by Mail! Links I use to get my Freebies EVERYDAY!

Free Beauty Samples by Mail! Links I use to get my Freebies EVERYDAY!

Free Beauty Samples by Mail! Here’s a list of links I use to get my free beauty samples by mail from the top beauty companies! Everyday, a fun surprise in my mailbox!! These are the websites I have been using that actually work! I’ve tested them all and I’ve been using them for over one year. I like to check them everyday to see what companies are giving out free beauty samples by mail. There’s always NEW products coming out and the top beauty companies have the budget to send out thousands of free beauty samples by mail. Keep reading to find out what awesome beauty samples by mail I’ve received and ALL the sweet links I use! XO! 🙂

Free Beauty Samples by Mail such as:

  • Free Shampoo / Hair Conditioner – My fav because I like to use them for travel.
  • Hair Oils
  • Skincare Lotion
  • Beauty Serums – I love trying these before I buy because they’re expensive!
  • Nasal Strips – I love saving money on these and stocking up for free!
  • Pore Strips
  • Manicure Supplies
  • Cosmetics – Lip gloss and eye shadow are my second fav free beauty samples by mail.
  • Makeup Remover
  • Beauty Tools – I’ve received free razors and shave gel!
  • Coupons for 1 Free Product – Some products are sent as coupons, especially from Bath and Body Works! I love picking out my freebie!
  • Self-Tanners
  • Anti-Aging beauty products
  • Deodorant
  • Acne Cleaners
  • Hairspray
  • Soap / Body Wash
  • Perfume
  • Cologne samples I give to my man
  • There’s also unique miscellaneous beauty freebies!

I’ve scored so many AWESOME free beauty samples by mail these past couple of years that I haven’t been able to try them all yet! I’m very “behind” using lots of free samples and that’s why I like to give them away to my family. One day, I gave my brother twenty samples of soap, shampoo and conditioner when he went away to college! LOL

Free Beauty Samples by Mail – Official Links I use: – This website has a nice mix of random free samples and free beauty samples!
– This website updates with a new beauty freebie at least once a week! <3 my fav! – Free Perfume samples – Lots of new beauty samples all different kinds!


Free Beauty Samples by Mail – By Company

Eucerin -Free lotion sample from their facebook page!

AVEDA – Free sample pack!  (This sample gives you a coupon good for any location.)

Clear Scalp and Hair – shampoo and conditioner!

LOREAL – Free Haircare samples!

NIVEA, Eucerin, and Aquaphor – 3 free samples ( <– scroll down to see the free samples on the page)

GUCCI – Fragrance!

BioTrue – Contact lens solution

CLINIQUE –  Free Second chance for skin – 2 week supply!

BURBERRY – Free Fragrance!

Garnier – Garnier Clean + free sample hosted by Walmart

HUGO BOSS – 3 fragrances to choose from

Calvin Klein – Free fragrance sample

Escada – Free perfume samples!

Kotex – Free tampons and pads

Poise – Free Pose Pad Samples

BreathRight – Nasal Strips sample by mail + coupon!

Ban Deodorant – Free Cooling body wipes

Suave – Free sample of Suave Professionals

Origins – FREE VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-boosting moisturizer! 15 ml sample tube.

Love2Love – Free Fragrance

American Apparel – Free lip gloss!

Free beauty samples by mail

Free beauty samples by mail – Please share! Hover your mouse on this image and share it on PINTEREST! 🙂

Free Beauty Samples by Mail – Tips for best experience:

I highly recommend you get a new email address that’s dedicated just for spam email / beauty sample companies. When you sign up for a ton of beauty samples, you’re submitting your shipping address and email address to companies that use that info and sometimes sell it to other companies! $ This is how they’re usually able to afford the shipping costs. Anyways, make sure you use your shipping address, but your real email is something you can avoid giving out. Spam isn’t fun!

The biggest tip I can give you is PATIENCE! These free beauty samples my mail sometimes take a long time to ship! I remember the longest I had to wait for a sample to arrive at my door was six months! LOL It was a great surprise! By average I noticed that it takes one month and a half to start receiving many of these beauty freebies! Many times when a company launches a free sample, their shipping department can get overwhelmed and it takes them an extra long time to get to your order. The best method to receiving free samples in the mail that I do is actively go to the first 3 free beauty samples by mail websites on the top of this page I listed.




  1. Please share any links if you know where to get anymore free beauty samples by mail! Thank you!

  2. Great stuff, thanks Jen 🙂

    • that’s great. i love getting free samples in the mail too.

  3. I would love to receive different samples.

  4. beauty samples

    • Click on the links to the companies giving away beauty samples.

  5. Do they actually work like will they send you stuff? With the links you posted? Do all their websites actually send you stuff? Bc I know some won’t?:/

    • Some links are not working anymore ;( I have to update this but there are some good freebies on here. They take a long time to process and the companies to ship. Sometimes I get a freebie in the mail that I requested a few months ago for. Can’t complain, free is FREE. 🙂

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