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Free Goodies

Free Goodies

Free Printable Eyebrow Stencils

Free Printable Eyebrow Stencils – Click the image and send to print

FREE Printable eyebrow stencils

I love being able to bring you free beauty samples and downloads.

Currently I’m giving away 1 set of FREE Printable eyebrow stencils with 16 different eyebrow shapes for you to chose from!

One side is angled eyebrow stencils and the other half is curved eyebrow stencils.

To Print out the Free Eyebrow Stencils:

  1. Click the image of the free eyebrow stencils on the left
  2. Go to File > Print
  3. Enjoy!

Carefully cut these out with a pair of scissors. Next, firmly apply the desired cut out shape to your eyebrow. Fill in the eyebrow area with brow powder and pluck any outside hairs.


  1. I hope to get a lot out of this site. My skin is so sensitive that most over the counter products make me break out even after long term use.

  2. Hi Krissy,
    My skin is also sensitive. Don’t worry.Everything I have on here has not given my skin any horrible issues. Take care!

  3. When i tried to print, 3 huge shapes only showed up on the paper?

    • Please try printing be selecting print preview. You can scale them as big and small as you need the eyebrows.

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