elf Water Droplet Balm Review

The most unique moisturizer in the new elf skin care line is defiantly the elf Water Droplet Balm.

It’s a super bright yellow balm and yes it melts onto your skin like water. The second you touch it with your finger tips, it begins to slowly melt.

The elf water droplet balm is pretty fun to use, it has a cooling effect on the skin, perfect for summer.

I recommend this elf moisturizer to anyone that wants a lightweight moisturizer without the look of greasiness.

Check out my full review and thoughts on this cool new elf water drop balm.


elf water droplet balm review

If you have oily skin, the elf water droplet balm is for you! Your skin will feel refreshed, it’s perfect to use before bedtime. The clean smell will make you feel relaxed and pampered.

elf Water Droplet Balm Review

The elf water droplet balm is for sale. It’s available for only $10. With an amazing price like that, you can’t afford not to have moisturized skin.

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As mentioned, the fun part about using the elf Water Droplet Balm is the application process. Seeing the balm melt into your skin is pretty neat. You see and experience instant moisture. Elf probably named it water droplet balm because after apply this, you’ll notice little drops of water where you applied this.

elf Water Droplet Balm Review

elf Water Droplet Balm Review

The packaging is sleek and chic. The feel of the packaging is unique. It’s lightweight but doesn’t look “cheap” it looks like a high end skin care line. I LOVE the green color. You will love how these containers feel in your hands. You have to experience it for yourself.


elf Water Droplet Balm Review

So first of all, the only thing I’m not thrilled about is the ingredient Yellow 5 Lake. (It’s a very low health hazard according to ewg.org) Don’t worry, this has not irritated my sensitive skin.

Come on elf! Elf could have used a natural yellow pigment such as turmeric.

Other than that, the ingredients are pretty great.

elf Water Droplet Balm Review

elf Water Droplet Balm Review


The results are long lasting. Honestly, because this is such a lightweight moisturizer, I didn’t think it would last so long.

I’m so glad I tried all of the new elf skin care products. I’m going to keep sharing my elf reviews.


Thanks for reading my elf Water Droplet Balm Review.

Final thoughts, I hope elf does not discontinue this elf Water Droplet Balm.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.


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