e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow Review

e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow Review for you today! I’m so excited that Spring is here and I can use these new colorful e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow swatches. I went to Target with my Fiance and a colorful assortment of new eyeshadow swatches caught my eye! The price of only $2 had me throwing a couple into our shopping cart without hesitation! Only $2 for four expertly coordinating shades? Yes please, and I tried them when we got home. Keep reading to learn all about this new collection in my e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow Review.

Essential Flawless Eyeshadow Review

Essential Flawless Eyeshadow Review – these are all available on the elf website! 🙂

e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow Review starting with my first impressions! Gorgeous BOLD Colors with a pleasant mix of shimmer and matte finishes. I purchased both Sea Escape #21625 and Party Purple #21624 both beautiful colors for Spring! Yaay! I’ll also be heading back to purchase the Golden Goddess #21622!

Eyeshadows close up

Eyeshadow close up – I’ve been using these new swatches for a month and I love them!

e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow Review – Packaging

ELF Essential Flawless Eyeshadow Review

Sleek sexy packaging

The packaging of the new e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow looks very sleek and high-end. I know e.l.f. is known for having low prices, but this is an exceptional design for such a low cost eyeshadow! The case is shiny, clear, and has that “iphone” sexy sleekness to it. Of course, after using my eyeshadow for months now the cases are a little dirty with fallout eyeshadow and have fingerprints of foundation from over handling. You get the picture! Check them out in your local Target, and you’ll love the way they sparkle in the aisle. There’s even a tiny rectangular mirror hidden at the bottom until you lift open the cover. This makes the packaging functional and also beautiful because a tiny sponge tip makeup applicator uses the mirror as a storage area. With my luck, the excess eyeshadow sprinkles onto the mirror leaving a mess. Still lovely that being said! 😉

sponge tip eyeshadow applicator

sponge tip eyeshadow applicator – Fragile – Broke mid application 😉 For $2 it’s fine with me!

 e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow Review – Cost

I can’t complain about the cost of only $2 for the new e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow! This eyeshadow is a good investment for anyone who purchases eyeshadow! This would also be a fabulous opportunity for someone who is just starting with makeup and wants to try different colors and experiment! I would see this as a score for anyone on a tight beauty budget! Try purchasing one swatch and if you like the texture, go back and grab them all! SCORE!

e.l.f. essential flawless eyeshadow review

e.l.f. essential flawless eyeshadow review – Bold Colors!

 e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow Review – Eyeshadow Texture

Brand New eyeshadow photo

Brand New eyeshadow photo

The texture of the new e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow is silky and smooth like a high pigmented mineral eyeshadow would be but lacks the same staying power. I could easily rub the color off my eyelid by accident during the day by rubbing my eye by accident. This would be fixed if you used any eyeshadow primer! I choose not to use an eyeshadow primer because I enjoy the light airy feel these eyeshadows have. They’re versatile, making application a breeze! The four swatches are labeled on the colors as: (1)Base, (2) Lid, (3) Crease, (4) Line. I noticed on both my swatches, the last fourth bottom color (4)Line) is hard to get it to grab onto the applicator! Almost as if the bottom colors are more compacted making their texture not as loose to apply. This results in a smokey light application. Perhaps this is perfect for lining the bottom eye with a smokey look. I personally would prefer all the textures to be the same.

 e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow Review – Eyeshadow Application

Closeup photos of elf eyeshadows on my hand

Extreme Closeup photo of elf eyeshadow on my hand – Very pigmented colors

Yes, this eyeshadow is versatile! I love these eyeshadow swatches because I can scoop a generous amount of color from the first 3 colors and blend them beautifully or build up the coverage into a bold pop of color! The colors are able to build up well, especially if you use a primer first! These eyeshadow colors play nicely with other brands if you want to play with the textures of other eyeshadow brands and want to mix a metallic or glitter into the application, go ahead!

 e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow Review – Overall Review

The e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow swatches are my favorite new Spring makeup essential! I love the beautiful selection of colors available and if your Target does not have all the amazing selection of colors, try the official e.l.f. website here: e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow They also perfected this collection by having 3 different swatches of brown perfect for every undertone of either cool, neutral, or warm! I hope you ladies will give this eyeshadow a try! If you’re bold and playful like me, you’ll LOVE the two swatches I purchased!!!

 e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow Review – My e.l.f. eyeshadow looks

I had a blast creating some bold and colorful Arabic inspired makeup looks with these e.l.f. eyeshadow swatches. These looks were possible without any eyeshadow primer and I was able to build up the color. The colors were very easy to blend. Would you be bold enough to rock these looks? I am! 😉 I also used the e.l.f. eyeliner with these looks! To add a pop of shimmer, I like to add a little (e.l.f. Studio Prism Eyeshadow Review) on top of it.

My e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow creations!

My e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow creations

Thank you for reading my  e.l.f. Essential Flawless Eyeshadow Review!

Would you try this product? Want to be my new friend?! Please comment below! 🙂 Yay!!!!

Have fun! -Jen xo

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