Don’t Have a Loser’s Baby – Class it up Ladies

Ladies, why are you willing to have a baby with a man that does not want you and does not want to have kids with you?

Not only that, you’re picking LOSERS. The type of guys you scrape up are basically one of the following: criminals, exhibit violent behavior, drug abusers,  alcoholics, married men, financial problems, no job, etc…

I have a few stories down below as well as facts that I hope will set you back into the right direction. Respect.

Ladies, why do you aspire to have a baby out of wedlock?

Do you really just want the title of a “baby momma”?

baby momma

Do you realize you’re being selfish?

You’re bringing an innocent baby into this world without the proper environment.

(Please give me your excuse in the comment section below. Although I hope you’ll be dumb enough to post it and look stupid)

Not only that, you’re willing to put up with a loser. Wait, you’re both losers? You have no business bringing a child into this world raising it in poverty. But you’re greedy because you think having a baby will save a relationship or make him want to “put a ring on it?” You’re wrong. Please stop. Wake up honey.

You’re on a fast one way ticket to becoming a single mom.
(single mom’s are more likely to live in poverty.)

Do you have any idea how much it costs to raise a child? 💰 👶 
I do, it’s $233,610.00 (not including college) USD Source: CNNMoney

broke guy

You want a baby but are YOU prepared since you’re going to most likely be the one supporting the baby and probably him?

  • Do you have a career?
  • Do you not have a stable home?
  • Do you have a reliable car?
  • Do you have a savings account?

No? Well then you are certainly NOT ready to be a mother fit to raise a child. However, you’re most likely planning to have a man pay you that child support money or for him to marry you and become his problem. Yes, I said it like it is. My opinion and I’m sticking to it.

I’m going on a rant because I’m seeing it happen to ladies in my old neighborhood and office building where I work. They have a baby and crash into poor single motherhood getting taken advantage of by countless men that treat them like fruitcake. (nobody wants fruitcake, it gets passed around and re-gifted). Worst of all you ladies allow it to happen.

It’s none of my business, but I am sharing my strong opinion with you.

sipping tea

Ladies if it’s not too late for you, let’s talk about your priorities and facts you will certainly face if you like dating a loser that you allow to disrespect you.

Get your life together and prevent yourself from becoming a single mother.

Real stories that make me sick 🤢

First, call me old fashioned because nowadays sadly it seems “normal” for a young woman to pop out a couple of kids before the father of the children considers marrying the woman. (I hate the terms “baby momma” and baby daddy” btw)

Second, I see too many women that think if they get pregnant by the guy that’s playing them, the guy will fall in love with them and want to “put a ring on it”. Yuck.

Third, these women think that if they have a ton of kids with these loser guys (more kids than the other woman he impregnated), it will keep “other women” away. Ewww.

Fourth, there’s women that think having a baby will fix a bad relationship and make them “closer”. Yuck.


Story 1 

“Pop out a kid and pray for a ring?”

engagement ring

I know a girl, let’s call her Katie. She wants a man that does not want her. He has told her he does not want a relationship with her. Just sex. He has an ex wife and a young daughter about three years old. (baggage) Katie, why do you like this guy? “He’s hot and I’m attracted to him.”I want to have his baby. Plus, it’s my goal to have a baby by the time I’m 27.”I tried to talk some sense into her but that didn’t do a thing…

They’ve been dating for about a year on and off and she’s now seven months pregnant with his child. The second he found out she missed her period, he gave her Plan B and made her take it. He told her he does not want kids. He broke up with her.

She hoped she was pregnant because she wanted to have kids by the time she turned 27. I asked her, don’t you want to wait until you’re married and have a stable life? She didn’t have an answer. She said her mom did it alone so it’s no big deal.

He told her he wants to date other women and he doesn’t want her to leave any items at his house when she visits. She’s in love with him and still sees him. They’re constantly on and off. She’s still excited about having his baby. Katie thinks he’ll change. He has told her he wants to date a lot of women and someday settle down with a dream girl, a sexy blonde woman. I asked her… wait a minute… what does the other mother of his child look like? Is she blonde and “dreamy”? Katie said no and that she looks like herself as well.

I said, “Katie! This guy is just going to keep having kids with more women…and he plans on meeting a fantasy…do you think he’s going to be somebody’s fantasy? No way.

He told her he will be there for the baby, that’s it. At least he’s honest right? How scary.


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Story 2 

“Have a Revenge Baby”

revenge baby

I know a story of another girl, lets call her Daisy, a receptionist. She had a baby with a guy and the guy never had an interest in marrying her. This guy has three kids with a prior woman. She was upset when she found out he got another woman pregnant after her. What does she do? She gets pregnant by him again to spite the new woman. She even gave herself fertility (hormones) shots. Not only that, she cannot afford to keep that new baby, so she claims she will allow a couple adopt her baby. She even lies and tells people she’s a surrogate for someone when it’s really her and the father of her first child. She realizes that getting married with the water of her child is never going to happen. She turned into a desperate attention seeker and very trashy. Gets tons of tatoos. Disgusting.


Story 3

“If I get pregnant, He’ll want a Relationship with me and STOP Cheating Right?”

if I have his baby he will stop cheating

Back in the day, in high school… there was this huge fat girl with zero confidence. Let’s call her Carly. She met a guy online, let’s call him Jay, and fell in love with him. He’s even seen on campus bringing her birth control pills. The girls at school are surprised she has a boyfriend. After all, she’s huge, and considered unattractive by most. These girls get together and gossip about their relationship. They think he’s too attractive for Carly so they hit on him. He takes the bait. (if you ask me I think this was his plan the whole time)One day Jay visits her at school and gets to know some other girls on campus and eventually has the hots for them… he starts dating LOTS of girls at the school and he becomes popular! Women begin fighting over him. (he doesn’t even attend that high school.) Carly sees Jay is dating some one else so she gets desperate and has a fling with him. Carly finds out now her sister is dating him! Next, her sister’s best friend is dating him! Carly finds out her sister and her sister’s friend lost their virginities to him too. Carly thinks the best thing to do to win his love is to get pregnant by him on purpose by stopping her birth control pills. Carly starts living with him at his parent’s house while pregnant and he’s still bringing other women back to his parent’s house to mess around with. He tells Carly he wants her to give the baby up for adoption. How sad. After the baby’s gone she’s still in love with him. He drops her like a hot potato.


Story 4

“I’ve had two kids with him already, should I ask HIM to marry me?”

woman proposing to a man

First of all, NO! It’s your fault for doing things backwards. Plus you rewarded him with another kid? What’s wrong with you? You’re at his mercy now. First of all, lets get a couple of things straight. If a guy really likes you he will be the one to QUICKLY let you know. If he want’s to marry you, he will let you know. If your needs are not met within a time frame you’re hoping for, move on. Focus on your kids and your future. Take care of your kids and don’t go whoring around looking to get married desperatly.


Final thoughts…

What happens to single moms…

  • If you have a kid, you’re less likely to marry well
  • You are damaged goods
  • Any successful man does not want another man’s leftovers
  • You most likely will not have money for proper daycare for a low paying job
  • You will not get ahead in life
  • You’re probably raising future “car-jackers” that will steal to help you out
  • Your kids will most likely not go to college
  • The vicious cycle will continue
  • You’ll be on welfare, live on section 8, get food stamps, contribute nothing to society


It’s truly sad. Yes there’s the stigma and discrimination that single moms face.

Just ask any man for their opinion.

Absolutely. It’s reported that single mother face work discrimination.

There’s sooo many single mothers out there that are desperately seeking to get a date with a man. They’re commonly perceived as being “easy”. “No man wants to deal with another man’s leftovers.” – Tom Leykis.

“Pay my babysitter so I can come over…”

Why would a man choose this? Listen to this below:

It’s really sad what I’ve witnessed over the years. I have paid attention to these sad stories to learn lessons through other people so I don’t have to learn them through my own experience. Thankfully I have a platform now that I can share these stories with so hopefully you too learn from them!

Ladies, I hate to tell you this but, most men will not want to date you or “rescue” you. You now have baggage. You were dumb enough to let a loser impregnate you, what do you expect now?




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