Cruelty Free Makeup List

Hi guys, I’m going cruelty-free with the makeup I use now after learning everything I can from the PETA website and various cruelty-free websites and even from news websites such as

From what I have learned, I gathered a list of resources from official websites of makeup brands that are currently cruelty free as of September 2014. These are the makeup companies that do not test on animals.

The official PETA list:  Makeup Companies that do not test on animals

PETA has an extensive list they have personally approved. PETA also goes into great detail which companies are strictly vegan such as products made without animal ingredients, i.e. lanolin from sheep, honey, or beeswax. Please note that some of these companies that I have listed as CRUELTY-FREE are owned by companies that are NOT CRUETY-FREE and I listed them below with an (*)

Below I have listed the brands that are popular here in the U.S. and are also cruelty free. If you don’t see a brand below that’s not listed, double check the official PETA list mentioned above to double check.

Cruelty Free Makeup List

peta logos on the bottom of the elf website

Also, check out your favorite makeup brand’s websites to see if they have the proper logos. I had fun checking out my favorite makeup websites that I order from and I noticed they have the cruelty free logos. Please note that to obtain the PETA logo the company also has to pay a yearly $100 fee. So, not all little companies will have the logo – check their about page etc to find out!

It’s very confusing as well, because  in order for a brand to be labeled “cruelty free” the company must be cruelty free for a minimum of five years.

Recently I have been informed from my friend Jes the bitter news that some big beauty companies have stopped being cruelty free in order to do business in China. BTW China’s makeup industry is a $26.3 Billion dollar industry! Yes, the big brands want a piece of this pie and they’re giving up their squeaky clean image for the profit margins.

Here’s why, in China, the demand for American made organic, and cruelty free cosmetics has exploded. The Chinese consumers do not want a “made in China” sticker on their skin care and makeup products. American cruelty-free cosmetic companies are constantly being contacted by Chinese companies with the demand to do business them.

The BIG problem is foreign-made cruelty-free products are not legal in China.

Many big makeup and skin care companies have quietly tip-toed over to China, met with the prospective partners and quietly discussed how they could do some sneaky business and get away with it. Yes, they had three options discussed here:

“(1) not sell their products in China, (2) conduct animal testing to secure Chinese government approval to be able to sell in China, or (3) re-brand their products for China and conduct animal testing. ”

Do this one thing before doing Business in China.


HA! In the meantime, they’re trying to maintain an innocent and pure reputation over here in the U.S.A. by giving us diluted cruelty-free statements. Head over and read a few!

I find it repulsive that a company could go from a cruelty-free mission statement to all of a sudden directing themselves to a country that demands animal testing, make profit, and then casually say that they don’t like animal testing but they have to do it when they clearly did not have to!

Nobody twisted their arm. None of these companies had to do any animal testing! They did not have to go to China.

The scary thing about this situation is that China only demands animal testing from foreign countries. Hmmm….

I hope animal testing will soon be a thing of the past.


The Good guys – Cruelty Free Makeup Companies:


Cruelty free Makeup List:


    • American Apparel Beauty
    • Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals – *The parent company is NOT cruelty free πŸ™
    • Bath & Body Works – *The parent company is NOT cruelty free πŸ™
    • Bonne Belle
    • Burt’s Bees – *The parent company is NOT cruelty free πŸ™ OWNED By CLOROX
    • Dickinson Brands
    • Dr. Bronner’s
    • E.L.F.
    • Flower Beauty
    • Freeman Beauty
    • Jane
    • Kiss My Face
    • Lush
    • Milani
    • NARS –*The parent company is NOT cruelty free πŸ™
    • Nuance by Salma Hayek
    • NYX *The parent company is NOT cruelty free πŸ™
    • OFRA Cosmetics
    • Pacifica
    • Paul Mitchell
    • Paula’s Choice
    • Physician’s Formula
    • Pixi
    • Pureology – *The parent company is NOT cruelty free πŸ™
    • PurMinerals
    • Sigma
    • Sonia Kashuk
    • Tarte – *The parent company is NOT cruelty free πŸ™
    • The Body Shop –*The parent company is NOT cruelty free πŸ™
    • Trader Joe’s Brand
    • Tom’s of Maine – *The parent company is NOT cruelty free πŸ™
    • Too Faced
    • Ulta Collection
    • Urban Decay – *The parent company is NOT cruelty free πŸ™
    • Wen by Chaz Dean
    • Wet’n’Wild
    • Whole Foods Brand/365
    • Yes to Carrots


Thanks for checking out the Cruelty Free Makeup List. I urge you to go cruelty-free. We are the consumer and we have the power to say no! I ‘m also beginning to write tweet to these companies


stop animal testing

stop animal testing. Please ask companies to stop via tweet, phone, email, letter, FB etc!

MAC is NOW testing on animals

MAC is NOW testing on animals. I ask them to stop





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