Cosmetic Surgery – Do I Really Need It?

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Cosmetic surgery seems to be everywhere online. Just scrolling on instagram I see Kylie Jenner’s new face -before and after photos and I’m amazed. But hey, she looks amazing but I also think she was cute before. My opinion doesn’t matter, hers does.

I personally believe everyone is beautiful and it really makes me sad when people say they need cosmetic surgery.

Beauty is subjective and how you feel about your outside appearance may eventually change.

Surgery is a BIG permanent decision.

You only know what’s best for you.

Don’t let anyone (some guy) pressure you into making you feel like you need to change.

HOWEVER, if you have been wanting cosmetic surgery and feel it’s right for you, go for it!

Let’s take a look at some risks and facts about cosmetic surgery that you need to know before you look for a certified and experienced surgeon. Be safe! Be realistic.

Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure intended to basically make you feel better about your looks and yourself. There’s not a thing wrong with that. The decision to have this kind of surgery is purely personal.

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There are so many different types of surgeries intended to enhance your looks

Facelifts. Breast implants. Tummy tucks. Buttocks procedures. The list is endless. Some people are disappointed with their bodies as they begin to age and so they consider surgery to improve or restore some of their former looks. Others believe in aging gracefully. There’s no right or wrong way to look at it.

But deciding whether or not you really need surgery to improve your looks is another matter. Should a 29-year-old with the first tiny inklings of lines around the eyes get a facelift? Or would waiting at least 5 years be a better idea? Perhaps fillers or Botox could be used for the present.

What about a young woman who’s always been self-conscious about her small breasts? Should she get breast implants to boost her self-esteem? Are these procedures really needed? Again, the answer is highly subjective, but there are some important things to consider before having any cosmetic surgical procedure.


Be Honest With Yourself

Cosmetic surgery is deeply about personal expectations. Perhaps you’ve always admired the shape of a celebrity’s nose, and now you want that for yourself. That’s probably not a realistic expectation, though. That same nose may look all wrong on you. Other things to consider before having surgery are:


  • Are there alternatives to surgery?


Before consenting to a cosmetic procedure involving surgery, ask your doctor about alternatives, such as laser treatment or fat injections. If other non-surgical treatments will give good results, use those first. You can always have the surgery at a later date.


  • Be realistic


Plastic surgery won’t cure your personal problems. Cosmetic surgeons aren’t magicians. It will merely make a difference in your outward appearance. Also be realistic in your goals. A huge pair of breasts on a tiny woman will look ridiculous. And also keep in mind that there is no substitute for youth. A fifty-year-old woman cannot expect to look twenty again no matter who her surgeon is. Make sure you understand that plastic surgery won’t stop the clock. No procedure will last forever.


  • Can you Afford it?


Make sure you can afford the surgery without sacrificing other necessities of life. Don’t let an obsession with your looks ruin your financial stability.


  • Will I Have Scars and Where Will they Be?


Cosmetic surgeons are experts at hiding scars, but nearly every procedure will leave some. Find out how many scars you can expect and where they will be. Be sure this information is acceptable to you before proceeding, and expect that the scars will be permanent.


  • You May Need Revision Surgery


Be aware that the first procedure may fail to give the desired results. Your rhinoplasty may not deliver optimal results on the first go-round and may need a revision. You may need a breast implant revision..Breast Implant Revision. Anything can happen. Surgery isn’t perfect. You must be prepared for the possibility of more work to get the results you want.

Consider the health risks, too. Any surgery involves risk. Some possible complications are:

  • Infection
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Risks with anesthesia
  • Taking a long time to heal
  • Nerve damage
  • Loss of sensation

Be sure to ask your surgeon for references from former patients and some photographs of his work. Ask where he has hospital privileges and where the procedure will be done. Due diligence is your responsibility.

Something to Think About

Most importantly, consider what you really expect. Some people seek this surgery for psychological reasons.

They think it will magically fix their lives, cause their careers to skyrocket, and that they will be instantly appealing to the opposite sex.

These are false illusions and poor reasons to have a cosmetic procedure. Cosmetic surgery won’t bring you a better social life, except maybe on a superficial level. Real friends won’t be concerned about your looks. You can cultivate new friendships and improve your performance at work without ever seeing a plastic surgeon.

Don’t let others influence you psychologically, either. Don’t let someone influence you that you would look better with this or that procedure.

That’s not for them to say. Some people even have surgery as revenge to get back at a lover who jilted them, thinking that if they look great, the other person will be jealous and feel sorry they left. These are not acceptable reasons to have the surgery.

Think of the surgery as an investment in yourself. A gift to yourself. But keep your expectations in line with reality, and be sure you really do need and want it, and for the right reasons. If you do, then proceed. The decision is yours, and only yours.




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