Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Dividers Review

Have you heard of bamboo kitchen drawer dividers?

They’re the fastest and easiest way to declutter and organize your drawers. YES! 😻

If you’re like me and want to get ahead of Spring cleaning, this is your drawer organization starter kit.

Just insert them into your kitchen drawers, bedroom drawers, and especially your junk drawer!

You can’t go wrong! They’re spring loaded and provide a custom fit.

I’m using these adjustable organizers in every drawer of my house right now

Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Dividers

My kitchen (especially), bedroom, closet, dresser, bathroom, makeup room, you name it!

Check out my review and learn how you too can organize your chaotic kitchen drawers in less than five minutes.

How? Just by inserting these spring-loaded bamboo drawer dividers into your cluttered drawers.

You’ll feel like you’re a professional home organizer too.

It now looks like my kitchen drawers were custom built.

What?! Yes!!!! 🙌🏼And only $29.99 for a set of 4.

Purchase here


Here’s my coffee and tea drawer before and after photo:

These bamboo kitchen drawer inserts helped me maximize the entire space of this drawer.
I can now fit more coffee k-cups and tea boxes.

bamboo kitchen drawer inserts

Can you image having just a coffee drawer and using three bamboo drawer organizers in here to separate different k-cup flavors?!
Can I just mention how chic my kitchen drawers look now?

“Welcome to my home, can I offer you a hot cup of tea or coffee?”

Let me just open this kitchen drawer…

Don’t get embarrassed in a Marge Simpson situation…



Here’s some inspiration to organize your bedroom drawers too!
Look how cheerful and tidy this drawer looks now!

bamboo drawer adjustable

Here’s my video review:

Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Dividers | Drawer Organizers Spring Adjustable & Expandable, Standard Size (17.6″ – 22″) Declutter & Organize Kitchen Drawers, Large Utensils (Set of 4) Made of 100% Bamboo


Bamboo drawer organizer benefits:

  • Organizes your drawers instantly – Divides your drawers where you need it
  • Spring-loaded – Easily expands and contracts to perfectly for your kitchen drawer
  • 100% Bamboo – Eco-friendly and pesticide-free
  • High Quality – Looks elegant and blends-in perfectly looking like a custom-made drawer
  • No tools required – No messing with screws or any fuss
how to use bamboo drawer dividers

How to use bamboo drawer dividers: Simply push to add a little tension and release back into your drawer for sturdy support.

How to use the bamboo kitchen drawer dividers

  1. Empty the drawer you want to organize
  2. Throw away anything you never use and any trash
  3. Sort your items on your counter such as: Measuring spoons in one section, and perhaps large kitchen utensils in another pile
  4. Decide where you want each divider
  5. Insert the divider end into the back of your drawer
  6. Push-in and lock into place by allowing the divider to expand

bamboo drawer dividers

Why bamboo is eco-friendly / sustainable

Bamboo is eco-friendly for many reasons amazing reasons. You’ll want to use more bamboo products after these amazing facts:

  • Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth – Some varieties can grow 98 Inches in 24 hours!
  • Does not need pesticides and other chemicals when growing
  • Roots help control soil erosion as it creates a water barrier
  • Developing countries use bamboo to protect their crops and villages from washing away!
  • Uses only a tiny fraction of water compared to what a tree requires
  • Strong natural fiber makes it superior to hardwood
  • Forests of bamboo can be grown in a few years
  • Consumes high quantities of nitrogen and this can help reduce water pollution
  • Its naturally waxy surface does not require painting; making it safe from health hazards caused by paints
  • The surface is impenetrable to insects thus protecting it from insect infestation
  • It’s nutritions – bamboo shoots are a super food!

bamboo drawer dividers

Why I LOVE Elite Home Image bamboo kitchen drawer dividers the most

My Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Dividers review:

These spring-loaded bamboo drawer dividers are elegant and made of high-quality laser cut bamboo. When I opened the box, I knew they were high quality. There was no smell of any wood stain used nor were there any splinters. I have purchased another brand of drawer dividers in the past but they were very cheap and broke. Also, in the past I had some plastic drawer dividers, but I hated the way it made the drawer look kinda cheap.

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I LOVE love LOVE how classy these dividers look in my kitchen drawers.

  • These are 100% real bamboo drawer dividers. Some other brands are not really bamboo; they’re laminate! Yikes!
  • Elite Home Image uses the perfect amount of tension in their spring-loaded bamboo dividers – Won’t break your drawers
  • Smooth bamboo – No splinters

The color of the bamboo matches my kitchen drawers and looks like I have a custom built drawer. I have purchased other drawer organizers, but these are the easiest to use and I can move them to any drawer I want. As pictured below, the measurements that comply with standard kitchen drawers.

You will want to measure your drawers to be 100% sure these dividers will fit perfectly for your drawers.


spring-loaded bamboo drawer dividers

Yes, they’re spring-loaded thus making them adjustable and expandable.

Where to purchase these bamboo kitchen drawer dividers online

You can purchase Elite Home Image’s bamboo kitchen drawer dividers here on Amazon 

Makes a practical gift

I think this would make a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, aka the home chefs. Also, for anyone who just moved and wants to start off to a nice clean and organized kitchen. Professional home organizers love these bamboo drawer organizers.

You might see them on instagram for inspiration:

bamboo drawer dividers


If you’ve been inspired by Marie Kondo, the Queen of clean “Tidy your space, transform your life.

You’ll want to start with your junk drawer and organize your entire house next!



Bamboo facts:

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