Anti Aging tips for Skin Care – Best Anti Aging Advice

Anti aging tips for skin is one of my most important beauty posts for skin care! Now in my thirties, I’m more pleased than ever with my good skin care habits that I’ve been keeping up with for the last 10 years! Read about my skin care tips for anti aging and how to help take better care of your skin.

Anti aging tips for skin is one of my most FAVORITE topics to talk about. I find it so fascinating how some people seem to defy the aging process and even look like they stopped time. We’ve all had that moment upon meeting someone where we thought that someone appeared to be at least ten years younger, right? And then there’s the young ladies that look significantly more mature than they really are. Awkward moments….

I’ve met many mature women that “look good for their age” and I ask them their secret Anti aging tips for skin! Here’s my top 10 Anti aging tips for skin. I actually use ALL of these everyday as best as I can.

Anti Aging tips for Skin Care – Best Anti Aging Advice

anti aging tips for skin

Anti aging tips for skin – Avoid direct sun

10. Avoid direct sun for anti aging – This is the BIGGEST Anti aging tip for skin care that I cannot stress enough is keep out of the sun as much as possible. Meaning, no laying out in the sun. When going out for a walk, always do it early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the harsh sun rays. Cover yourself up and wear sun glasses. If you’re going somewhere during regular hours, try a parasol, try a wide brimmed hat, stay in the shade because it’s the best way to avoid sun damage. It’s easier to avoid sun damage rather than try and remove it. If you do have sun spots or sun damage, I recommend you use the PMD Personal Microderm <– Read my review and how to remove sun damage. I see an alarming rate of young ladies in their twenties with horrible sun damage and harsh forehead wrinkles that could have been avoided. I also know a man that never saw his mother walk anywhere without her parasol, guess what? She’s in her late 60’s and looks 30 something! That’s my most crucial anti aging tips for skin care!

9. DO NOT Drink Soda or Alcohol for anti aging – These two drinks are horrible for your body and your largest organ, your skin! They’re very dehydrating and damaging to your skin and overall health. Replace these drinks with either tea, juice or water. I promise you will see and feel a big youthful difference in two weeks upon stopping. There’s a favorite news story on ABC News of Sara Smith, who drank 8 gasses of water a day for four weeks and looked ten years younger. Check out the ABC News link for her personal Anti Aging tips for Skin Care  story and proof! Her fountain of youth was drinking water. Keeping your body well hydrated is one of the best Anti Aging tips for Skin Care! If you have trouble fitting that much water into your schedule, try to drink 1 cup every other hour, 8 cups. Mark your water bottle into sections and give it a try! Anti aging tips for skin using 8 glasses of water is always a must! Moving on…

8. Eating Dark Chocolate for Anti Aging – Chocolate has Flavonoids and Antioxidants properties, this will help repair and protect your skin from environmental damage. It has a skin smoothing effect and will help prevent wrinkles and repair them. Avoid the milk chocolates that tend to be full of sugar which is bad for your skin and immune system. Remember the myth that chocolate causes acne, that’s referring to sweets because of the sugar! Sugar is a cause of acne because it lowers the immune system. The less processing of the chocolate, the greater the benefits! Enjoy! Did you know about these anti aging tips for skin? Not many people know that!

7. Drink Tea for Anti Aging – The tea with the highest antioxidant levels is white tea, followed by green tea. Both come from the same plant camellia senensis, they’re just processed differently. Teas are right up there with skin benefits and they’re a favorite topic for anti aging tips for skin care! A great combo would be to have tea time and a little snack of dark chocolate. Yum! Even placing a used wet tea bag onto you skin will quench your skin with potent anti aging skin care properties.

6. Exfoliate and moisturize for Anti Aging – As you age, your skin becomes sluggish and sheds slower than it did in your 20’s. The best way to regulate the skin cycle is by gently exfoliating it yourself. You can try using baking soda as a weekly natural skin exfoliate treatment  or you can do what I do and use an at home microderm system. (microdermabrasion) I use the PMD Microderm Skin System – Read my review and How To. When I remove the dull skin from my face, it lets my skin efficiently absorb my beauty moisturizers and serums. Speaking of moisture, you need to moisten your skin in the morning and at bed time. Give back to your skin, especially after a windy day! Keep your skin hydrated from drinking enough water internally and using a good moisturizer externally! My fav rich moisturizer is the MAC Lightful Moisture Creme – Read my Review here. Exfoliating my skin on a weekly basis is one of my fav anti aging tips for skin care. I do it every Monday night. I have a beauty schedule.

Do an Anti Aging facial, my face mask here, also try an all natural face cleanser here – Rice Water skin care

removing makeup naturally

Removing makeup naturally for anti aging skin care

5. Remove makeup with Oil for Anti Aging – Throw away your cleaning clothes that have cleaners and skin irritating fragrances. Go into your kitchen and grab the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Take a generous teaspoon full of oil and slather it onto your face to naturally remove your makeup and even eye makeup instantly! The EVOO will nourish and detoxify your skin, deeply removing impurities and even excess serum (oils) from your skin. The vitamin E will protect and repair your skin causing anti aging effects. Read my article, The Best and Organic way to Remove Makeup! Your skin will be glowing with radiance after 1 month. This is one more of my delicious anti aging tips for skin care because you can benefit by adding olive oil into your everyday diet, try to consume 1 teaspoon a day! I also have written about the 20 skincare benefits for Olive Oil.

My Favorite Anti Aging skin care oils
Almond Oil – to remove dark under eyes
Olive Oil – to moisturize dry skin all over the body
Rosehip Oil – to moisturize the face

4. Get at least 8 Hours of Sleep for Anti Aging – When asleep, your skin starts a renewing and purifying process to repair your skin! That’s one of my Anti Aging tips for Skin Care that might be hard for may people to do thanks to noisy neighbors and hectic work schedules. When I notice my sleep schedule is “off” or when I’m sleep deprived, I use the Estée Lauder New Advanced Night Repair Serum. This helps your skin regulate your purification process at night! I think it would be perfect for anyone that has sleep apnea. Read my Estée Lauder New Advanced Night Repair Review. Otherwise, I normally use Rosehip Oil at night all over my face to deeply hydrate my face every night. Under my eyes, I like to use almond oil or the rosehip oil – bother are high in vitamin A to help me naturally lighten my under eye circles.

3. Lift weights / Exercise for Anti Aging: Exercise has amazing anti aging properties and reduces stress levels, keeping your cortisol levels low, meaning you’ll maintain a healthy weight. Have you ever noticed that young overweight teenagers look significantly older? This is usually true for every age, the higher fat percentage, the older appearance you take. Building muscle also helps you burn more fat at rest. Maintain a healthy weight to also keep your skin elasticity firm. If you experienced a fast weight loss, you may get saggy skin or even skin tags!

2. Eat Protein for Anti Aging – Your skin relies on your diet of proteins to get the necessary building blocks for great overall skin development, amino acids. Protein also helps with the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, keeping it youthful. Our bodies cannot make all the amino proteins by itself, we must consume proteins to get these essential amino acids. Protein is extremely important for the human body to maintain bodily functions and one of many top anti aging tips for skin.

How to be an elegant Woman

“Elegance is the Only Beauty that NEVER Fades. ” – Audry Hephburn

My BEST Anti aging tip for skin:

#1 : Be Calm, Kind and Loving – Carry a sweet calm and loving expression on your face everyday. The sweet, kind women seem to never age. Think about it… I’ve seen women that have been mean and miserable to everyone their whole lives…. think that scowl disappeared? Guess again! When your presence radiates with sweet gentle kindness, it shows. My amazing grandma had this presence of beautiful love that shined deep from within and I’ll never forget it. She aged gracefully with kind eyes.

Thank you for reading Anti Aging tips for Skin Care – Best Anti Aging Advice


Do you have some secret anti aging tips for skin care? Please let me know in the comments below!

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