AlureVe Skin Care Review

Today I’m sharing my AlureVe Skin Care Review . The two products I tried are the AlureVe Invisipatch Night Cream and the AlureVe Day and Night Synergy Serum. These are samples I was provided from a company representative for free! I reviewed the ingredients and I was impressed and excited to try the samples. I did not have any immediate results, however it was nice to try. These are samples of the very EXPENSIVE full sized products. Please read my honest AlureVé Skin Care Review with my before and after photos!

AlureVe Review – First Impressions

The AlureVé company has not launched the official website for the skin care collection. is coming soon. I was provided a beautiful brochure outlining the exclusive science behind AlureVé’s skin care such as multiple patents and other impressive details about the cold processing treatment of ingredients that ensure the highest quality! Wow! There’s some pretty amazing before and after photos in the brochure! They have a serum that shows dramatic results after 10 minutes. My personal before and after photos using the AlureVe Day and Night Synergy Serum are shown below.

Here’s a page of the brochure with their before and after photos. (my own are down below)
AlureVe Skin Care Review brochure

AlureVe Skin Care Review brochure

I’m very knowledgeable about skin care ingredients and I think they did a lovely job explaining the science behind their product that the average consumer might not be familiar with.

Here’s a pic of the AlureVe Skin Care Samples I received:

AlureVe Skin Care Review samples

sample sizes


AlureVe Skin Care Review samples - made in USA

AlureVe Skin Care Review samples – made in USA

Using the AlureVe Skin Care samples:


my before photo


AlureVe Skin Care Review samples

AlureVe Skin Care Review samples – The serum on my fingertips

applied AlureVe Skin Care

applied AlureVe Skin Care to my forehead

AlureVe after photo - No big differences

AlureVe after photo –   a little more luminous sheen to my skin.

AlureVe before and after

AlureVe before and after using Day and Night Synergy Serum. I didn’t notice a big difference. Some redness went away and my pores look less noticeable.

AlureVé Review – Ingredients

I noticed AlureVé uses some popular moisturizing ingredients mixed with some unique deluxe ingredients. For example in their AlureVé Day and Night Synergy Serum, The first two ingredients are water and glycerin.

Glycerin – is a humectant that draws moisture from the air. 

Capric triglycerides – a high quality skin loving fatty acid from coconut oil, this acts as a moisturizer and helps thicken the product. (I’m impressed!)

Dimethicone – basically a silicon. – these diffuse light and it’s what’s in shampoos to make hair look shiny.

Ok, there’s some basic ingredients and then there’s ingredients that really make the product unique and deluxe such as:

Micronized fresh water pearl powder: WOW! This helps remove skin pigmentations and has many amino acids and trace elements that help support functions of the human body.
I could go on and on…the ingredients are there. If I could afford to purchase this skin care line every month, I would!


alureve skin care review

alureve skin care review – Photo credit


AlureVe Review – Price

I think that their skin care products are expensive in general. For example their 1 month full system bundle costs $394.00 for a one time purchase. If you purchase it on auto ship, it’s $315.00. One 30ml Synergy serum bottle costs $142.00. Wow. Personally, I find that is a lot of money. This is according to this business website:


AlureVe Day and Night Synergy Serum Review:

In the before photo of my forehead focusing on a tiny wrinkle I get when I’m stressed out. It usually goes away on it’s own after a good night’s sleep. However, my skin texture in my 30’s needs constant hydration to look amazing. I was hoping this would make my skin look very well hydrated and more radiant, perhaps even glowing because of the pearl powder 😉 This serum didn’t make that pesky forehead crease go away either.

I was expecting an amazing skin transformation like the before and after photos in their brochure. My skin does look brighter and evenly moisturized, but it did not “wow” me.

In conclusion,

I didn’t see a huge before and after difference using the AlureVe Day and Night Synergy Serum. Perhaps I need to use it for a much longer period of time. There’s an impressive variety of ingredients but the serum did not feel anymore amazing than my other serums.


Thank you for reading my AlureVe Skin Care Review!




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