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about me Jen

Hello! My name is Jen!
Welcome to my awesome little beauty blog, a real gem of the internet.

The best way to learn more about a person ( in my personal experience) is by looking into their refrigerator. Well, you can’t do that so I have shared this YouTube video of myself answering 50 Random Questions for your viewing pleasure. This was part of a fun project called the 10K Subscriber Project via YouTube:


I started Elegance and Beauty Reviews July 16th, 2013. For me it’s my own little quiet time that I can sip my coffee or tea and share with the world my beauty pearls of wisdom. The beauty products I have purchased or created myself is where I focus the spotlight on.

My logo is an elegant flower bloom (I designed) that represents beauty and reminds me how knowledge and learning about beauty is continuously blooming, from bud until the last petal falls. There is much to learn about beauty from a young age throughout your most radiantly mature years.

My Early Years
I had the passion for beauty knowledge of hair and skin care since I was in eight grade, learning the time, dedication, ritual, and self discipline to respect your health and the beauty it reaps. I went to the most culturally diverse middle school in the nation here in San Diego. This is where I was exposed to every culture, every hair color, every face shape, every bone structure, every culture’s portrayal of beauty and how everyone is uniquely beautiful. Looking back, I learned a lot from many girls and what they did for beauty routines etc, I was so in awe of facials, hair masks, remedies… And in high school I was allowed to wear makeup and I enjoyed learning everything I could about makeup with some trial and errors lol. Makeup always amazes me however, my passion is skin care.

Skin care is my primary focus because a well maintained and conditioned canvas will always display your artwork as smooth and precise as your craft will take you. Nobody wants to paint or draw on a dirty piece of paper. Right???

My Current Daily Life
**Update** My mother recently passed away, losing her battle with cancer.**  🙁 During the start of this blog, my daily life was primarily based around taking care of my mother, maintaining her house while making as much time possible with my fiance and puppy. It’s been a crazy year of ups and downs. My life has shifted into living with my fiance and taking each day one at a time healing from my loss and trying to focus my energies now into this blog.

I’m also a graphic designer, and photographer here in San Diego (here’s some randoms at That reminds me, I need to do some nice graphics for this site…lol. I’ve been having a blast doing graphic design for big and small companies upon graduating college. I have met all my goals from working for big companies, freelance, and design agencies. Now I have come full circle to start developing my own fun websites for my personal enjoyment, YAY!!!

You can find me cooking in the kitchen for hours, Gardening in the backyard, Spending way too much time trying to take a photo of jewelry or nature, hanging out at the puppy park with my dog, learning, going to the comedy clubs with my fiance, working on freelance projects in the comfort of home via my pajamas, Instagraming cool stuff via (follow me) doing bizarre facials with chocolate, and doing laps around the mall with my fiance for exercise. lol. All true!



  1. Hello Jen, I saw your website when I googled information about repairing bleached hair.I like your friendly and positive attitude. I, like you, was always interested in anything to do with beauty. I also was very young when I started learning all that I could. I was doing facials on myself, and all of my family members, at a very young age. I am still amazed at what a little effort, and confidence can do for a person! I always thought I would be a cosmetologist, but I ended up helping people on a different level. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. But I always remember doing facials and make-overs on the women in my family, and seeing how happy they felt, when they believed they looked great! I am still learning about skin care, and I liked what you said about skin being a canvas. I can learn a lot from you. I see women giving make-up tutorials, and I am in awe of how easy they make it look. It IS an art form. I try to copy these beautiful techniques, and I never get it right. Lol. The smokey eye? No matter how much I try, it never looks quite like what I wanted .Well, I don’t think so anyway. See? I guess I don’t have make-up confidence.Lol. I am going to try the Infusium 23, and some good old olive oil too. Thank goodness my hair is so much better than when it first got damaged, I too lost some hair! Oh was that horrible! My hair is better, but it still needs moisture, and I try so many products. I am so disappointed when they fail. If I could get my money back for all the failed items under my sink, I would have a small fortune! I will enjoy reading all of your information. Thank you, and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    • Thanks Lisa!
      🙂 I love this comment soo much! That’s very cool that you are a massage therapist! I wanted to pursue that path too since I’m always trying to help people with their back and upper shoulders. lol. Even being a physical therapist. We’re both very nice and generous people huh?
      Wow, I agree with your comment about fortune under the sink! LOL. How many things also of makeup do I still keep that’s failed me? lol old eyeliners and lotions that I don’t like but keep anyway. LOL Now that’s a good article I should write! Have a great day! Hope to talk again soon!

  2. HI Jen, I really like your blog and advice that you give on skincare. I have one concern ; premature gray hair. Do you have any tips on how to reverse gray hair? I have suffered with hair loss for over 8 years and now that I am 27 i have gray hair and receding hairline . I would appreciate it if you can give me some tips . Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi Jen. I have been using your natural anti- wrinkle under eye treatment with the hemp seed oil, glycerin,olive,oil, and honey. I am good with the directions until the end when it says to put the oil mixture on….now is that with our without the honey?
    BTW….I think you are wonderful. So motivated,curious and you really seem so genuine . Thanks for that!


    • Thanks Tonya,
      The honey is added on the last step and sealed in with Vaseline.
      Hope that helps!

  4. Hi Jen,
    A friend sent me you remedy for hairloss and receding hairline. Ive bought the oils but have some questions.

    1) how many times a week would you say to apply the oils? My hair loss is right in the front middle like you had in your before pic and also the front sides have thinned out a lot.

    2) You’ve given the portion of 1 castor to every 3 olive oil and 5 drops tea tree. What is your measuring size for the castor & olive oil to be used with the 5 drops tea tree? tablespoons? cups? etc

    I really want to have this right and crossing my finger for results. Especially being a female, hair is everything!

    Thanks so much!

    – Haley

    • Hi Haley, I used this every night for at least two weeks.
      You can use ratios for the amounts. That’s why I didn’t specify an exact amount so you can do the math and make as much or as little.
      You’re welcome!

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