5 Tips to Prevent Makeup Allergies

Is your new favorite foundation really the cause of your break-out?  Prevent Makeup Allergies

You might be suffering from makeup allergies right now and not realize it!

It’s true, there’s many hidden causes of makeup allergies. Lets’ take a look at the most popular reasons why you’re suffering from a makeup allergy and help prevent makeup allergies now.

Don’t let your makeup turn into a love / hate relationship…

When your makeup flawlessly covers your imperfections but it’s actually the cause of those imperfections such as pimples, rashes, itchy skin, and more!

No matter for how many years you are using certain cosmetics it can also cause allergy.

Addition or replacement of one or more ingredients can lead to allergy too.

Or maybe your skin is becoming more sensitive to cosmetics. Whatever the reason is these simple tips might help you avoid makeup allergy.

Prevent Makeup Allergies Now:



1. Never Use Anyone Else’s Cosmetics.

Sharing makeup is one of the worst habits as you are risking your health by sharing germ. Think about
what your makeup tools touch in a day. Chipped skin, Chapped lips even popped blemishes. If your
makeup goes over all this, what it could possibly touch on someone others skin? Therefore, using some
else makeup or sharing your own makeup can cause skin diseases or help germs to transfer. Never share
your makeup with anyone around you to avoid its health hazards.

share makeup

2. Always Keep Your Tools Clean:

The other tip is to keep your makeup tools clean specially those who are already suffering from any kind
of skin disease or have sensitive skin. Dirt, debris, old makeup, bacteria and dead skin cells are
incorporated in your makeup brushes by time making them rough and scratchy. That can cause irritation
to your skin and can even lead to acne. Therefore, wash your brushes and sponges with facial wash or
rinse them with alcohol. Always having clean makeup brushes is the easiest way how to prevent makeup allergies.


3.  Test New Cosmetics:

If your skin is sensitive or you tend to experience allergic reactions to cosmetics frequently then ask for a
free product sample before buying. Or if you have brought one give it a patch test before applying it all
over your face. The best way is to put a small amount of product under your ear and leave it to if there is
any reaction.

 apply makeup

4. Go For Right Makeup Brands:

Do not compromise quantity for quality while selecting your makeup. Always rely on reputed outlets
and try to purchase tested and stamped products. But if you experience allergy frequently, next time try
to buy products labelled as hypoallergenic, ‘allergy-tested’, ‘dermatologist-tested’ and ‘nonirritating’
this is much safer.


5. Storage

Last but not the least; try to store your makeup items as directed. Never leave them under sun light,
heat, or damp area. This may cause chemical changes in the product and will shorten its shelf life. The
best place to keep your makeup safe is drawer of your dressing table (Clean, dry and protected).

Makeup is there to make you look beautiful and make you look flawless. Follow the tips mentioned
above and avoid ruining your skin. Stay stunning and smiling!

Thanks for reading my tips how to prevent makeup allergies.

makeup allergies


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