5 Reasons Why I Prefer Shopping for Clothes Online

I absolutely LOVE shopping online, in fact I NOW prefer it to shopping at the mall.

Shopping online has spoiled us in so many ways, let’s dish about it all. Grab a cup of coffee and get reading.

Coming home from work and seeing packages at my doorstep is always exciting. Trust me, it never gets boring.

Little gifts to myself. Everything I adored online has magically appeared and mine to open in excitement. 🙂 Yay!

Here’s 5 reasons why I prefer shopping online for clothes online. (take a sip of coffee)


Ya Paris Hilton, let’s go shopping… ONLINE! 🙂

An interesting thing happened this weekend when I went for a walk at the mall. I saw so many clothing boutiques and had no desire to step inside to shop.

Who have I become? What has shopping online done to me? LOL Online shopping has totally spoiled me and I love the online shopping process. Let me walk you through my fun online shopping journey

How online shopping starts and just gets more AWESOME!

Ok, It all starts lately for me on instagram I’m not gonna even lie.

fun shopping online

#1 Instagram Inspiration

I love seeing fashion online, particularly on instagram. When I browse the fashion guru’s pages and their eclectic and “well put together looks” I usually will find a bunch outfits I want for myself. You can literally copy someone’s wardrobe if you wanted to. Everything is usually listed where they purchased each item by tagging the online store in their photo or description. There’s a couple ladies on instagram that have such amazing good taste in fashion, I sometimes check out their page habitually like once a day to see what’s new!

Fashion stalker? Ya, that’s me…

I literally own the outfit she’s wearing pictured below.

Who am I stalking? Totally obsessed with @amrezy  See where she lists where each item was purchased on the side of the photo? Oh thank God! <3

shopping online instagram

Follow @Amrezy

#1. Save time by shopping online

Yaaaaaas! I walk right past the clothing stores at the mall, simply overwhelmed how much time I could lose. Time sifting through racks of clothes. And if you have a significant other, they won’t have to wait for you to try on clothes in the dressing room lol. I’d rather type into instagram search weird hashtags:

save money shopping online

#2 Save Money with Coupon codes

I love saving money by shopping online. There’s so many big online clothing stores that pass the savings along to you. They have no store front, no overhead, they can afford to be flexible with pricing. You can almost always guarantee an online coupon code to be emailed to you when you sign up by email. Also, on their social media accounts – there’s some good codes once in a while.

Check out my list of favorite stores to shop online!

Favorite Places to Shop Online for Women's Clothing

Favorite Places to Shop Online for Women’s Clothing

shopping online

#3 Payment’s a Breeze

Bam, Paypal – let’s do this. Paypal makes online shopping so easy. Plus, I don’t have to enter a shipping address, it’s all dialed in. Everything is streamlined through paypal. Plus I don’t have to carry bags to my car, thank you.

online fashion review

#4 Reviews of Each Item

I love shopping online and seeing reviews of the quality or if something seems off. Especially if a shoe size is running small. Which brings me back to saving time.


By the way, my perfect day would include:


  • sleeping until 10:30am
  • shopping online
  • receiving online orders at my door
  • drinking lots of coffee
  • long relaxing bath
  • taking my time to pick out an outfit
  • …to be continued in another blog post LOL

Thanks for reading! Maybe this is a fun addiction to have, online shopping? 😉




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