3 Unexpected Skin Benefits after One week going Vegan

Skin benefits of going vegan? Yes!For the first time in my life I tried going hard core vegan, I’m going to share what happened to my skin. The good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  Yes,  dead honest, more good than bad. I just experienced 3 Unexpected Skin Benefits after One week going Vegan. Seriously, I started last Friday, and here I am one week later reporting in what happened to my skin and body. I can’t even believe what happened to my skin and body. You might even want to give this a try. I’m very tempted right now to try another week going vegan. Its been a long week! Let’s dish what happened.

Skin benefits of going vegan

It all started last week when my brother was ranting and raving that he’s been a vegan for the past six months and how great he feels and how he’s in the best shape of his life. I couldn’t believe he went vegan,  after all, I gave him the nickname “Grillmaster” he’s always been known for grilling and eating steaks. I was intrigued! If HE went vegan, it must be good...trust me.

I never tried going vegan before, so I said I’ll give it a try. I want to feel great and energized too, who doesn’t?

Never did I imagine all the beauty benefits going vegan for just one week would have!

This was totally unplanned and I just went for it, I went to Target and bought tons of vegetables and vegan friendly protein bars. LOL, yes. I used my creativity and made a cool vegan meal plan for the week. I’ll share it below, it’s super simple, cheap and easy.

Let’s get to the good stuff, here’s

the 3 Unexpected Skin Benefits after One week going Vegan

skin benefits of going vegan

My skin looks amazing and clear after going vegan for one week!

The Good:

1. Glowing Skin

The best skin benefits of going vegan – glowing skin. It’s the #1 thing I absolutely LOVE from my vegan week is the glowing fresh look my skin has without makeup. I look PORELESS. Yes. I’m all about having porcelain looking smooth skin. It’s LIFE! Visible pores on my cheeks just shrank up. What?! Yaaaas. (yes!) My skin looks more even toned and better without makeup. Of course I still wore makeup all week and it glided on extra smooth! (you know the drill) 😉 Woo hoo! My face usually gets a pimple during my cycle and this this week I was clear. I did have a couple pimples healing from last week and they healed up super fast this week. Sorry if that was gross! I woke up every morning to “good skin.” I thought each morning, wow, this might be really worth it.

Skin redness reduced – Excess rosiness around my nostrils and chin disappeared. This is from a huge reduction in inflammation in my body. My skin looked more pale and even toned.

Also, I had virtually no blackheads. I can glide my fingers over my skin and not feel any tiny bumps or blemishes. My face is feeling so smooth, it’s just amazing!

 Skin Benefits after One week going Vegan

Super glowing smooth skin – my favorite vegan benefit

2. Excess Weight Loss

Ok, this one surprised me the most. I consider myself “in shape” however, I lost some excess “love handle” fat. My abs looked even more toned than usual. Only one week for this amazement? Yes. I noticed in the mirror my abs were peeking through, I could see my obliques. I started feeling my lower back looking for some chubbiness to squeeze and I said “where’s the fat?” LOL. Yes. This is just another amazing benefit to going vegan. Your body has a huge reduction in inflammation. I say glowing skin is still the best skin benefits of going vegan, but weight loss is a main health concern.

3. Tighter Skin

My jawline and under my chin looks tighter. I have pronounced cheekbones to begin with, but now it looks like I contoured my cheeks when I’m not wearing makeup. I’m stoked on having tighter looking skin. My arms, even my hands look more toned. It’s so weird it’s hard to explain. My body does NOT look bloated, it looks leaner and stronger. This is just from one week, which is truly amazing.

The Bad and the Ugly:

Ok, this was so difficult for me to try going vegan. I had no idea what to cook for the week and I’m used to eating meat. I also had a weird side effect…

1. Hungry – bad

I was still hungry after I ate. I didn’t have that “satisfied” fullness after eating savory meat. For an extra snack, I ate a vegan friendly protein bar – (Cliff Builder’s Protein Bar – purchased here on Amazon) Protein helps you feel full faster. It seriously helped me feel full and happy.

vegan protein bar

vegan protein bar – Cliff Builder’s Bar 20g protein – so yummy

and I was good after a cup of coffee. I felt good. I went to work feeling “lighter.” Does that make sense? lol I felt like I was giving my body a rest from all that hard work digesting meat. I think my skin looked less bloated because meat can cause inflammation and I had a break from meat and my body was able to heal.

vegan protein bars

I’m holding a Cliff Builders protein bar – 20g of protein

2. Acne breakout -ugly

*Update: Here’s how I cleared up my back acne fast

My back had a breakout that was just gross. It went all the way from my neck to my tailbone. I don’t know if that was my body showing symptoms of a detox going on or what. It’s what I assume. It’s getting better. I exfoliated my back and used baking soda for skin care and an acne body spray treatment. I hear this happened to other people and it’s short term.

how to get rid of back acne fast home remedies

vegan meal plan

my vegan dinner

My vegan meal plan for week 1:

I made a big pot of Brown rice with toasted walnuts / onion. I sautéed some onions in just water (no butter) with salt and pepper and toasted some chopped walnuts. When the brown rice was done, I mixed them together. The walnut kinda has a meaty smoky flavor.

Steamed vegetables : I made another large pot of steamed veggies to add on top of the rice. I used sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, and mushrooms. Nothing fancy. (mushrooms were my meat substitute)

pretty plain and hardcore but this is what I ate all week and I felt great.


My Conclusion

I adore the skin benefits of going vegan. The condition both my skin and body. Now that I know the beauty benefits of going vegan for one week, I’ll try to slowly eat less meat. I admit I LOVE foods like orange chicken and pulled pork sandwiches. For a realistic attempt I have to have meat at least once a week. I’m going to try hard to   eat more vegetables and less meat. That goes for all animal products – bye cheese! I also don’t want to be too skinny. I’m already a skinny minnie. I don’t want to lose my curves or muscles so it’s going to take time to find balance. I’ll keep you posted!

Have your tried going vegan? Are you a vegan that has some beauty benefits to share? I’d LOVE to hear them!

XO Jen

skin benefits after going vegan


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