140 Uses for Coconut Oil – Complete Guide

Uses for coconut oil you can use for health benefits, beauty, and even household uses.

coconut oilBe sure to use organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil. Why? This coconut oil has been minimally processed and has the vitamins and minerals intact and not damaged from heat.

It’s rare to find cold pressed coconut oil when I go to Target, they’re mostly expeller-pressed.

This Island fresh coconut oil is pure, organic, cold-pressed, and in my opinion the best smelling kind you can buy. It’s my new favorite to use for both beauty and cooking. Nobody has paid me to say anything about this coconut oil and nobody gave me this for free.

I want to show you how this pure coconut melts into your skin

Coconut oil is actually fun to apply when its in solid form. Just opening the lid of this jar smells refreshing. You just scoop a spoonful of the soft waxy goodness into the palm of your hand. Apply wherever you want using your fingertips. The coconut oil melts with the warmth of your skin. I used a small 1/2 TSP to show you on the back of my hand pictured below. It just slowly melted and slid down the back of my hand faster than butter. Coconut oil is lighter than olive oil, so it never feels greasy. It also smells nicer than olive oil. 😉

Coconut oil has a cooling effect when you apply it to your skin. It’s a unique sensation, and great for a hot day. I really can’t explain it. When I apply coconut oil to my face, I feel it melt into my skin and it feels amazing when the warmth of your skin and coldness of the coconut collide. Go try it and see for yourself. 🙂

coconut oil melting


140 uses for coconut oil

Uses for Coconut Oil

Here’s the complete list of coconut beauty benefits

Coconut oil is my favorite for moisturizing my face and body, it just smells so amazing and absorbs so deeply. I do use other oils that don’t smell as good such as rosehip seed and olive. I like to apply the coconut oil on top of these oils to cancel out the smell.

1. Smooth frizz and fly-aways instantly by dabbing a pea sized amount into your hands and rubbing onto your hair

2. Substitute your daily lotion with coconut oil for more healthy looking skin

3. Make “no poo method” shampoo – wellness mama.com

4. Clear up acne with coconut oil applied daily to the skin

5. Coconut oil is a main ingredient in luxury homemade lotion bars

6. Make a homemade deodorant bar for sensitive skin – Thank your body.com

7. Exfoliate dead skin and condition at the same time when mixed with equally with sugar

8. Coconut oil is a great carrier oil to add drop of your favorite essential oils to

9. Anti-aging facial massage oil

10. Dishpan hands remedy – massage onto hands and apply rubber gloves while doing the dishes, softer hands you’ll love

11. Softer skin with homemade whipped coconut oil body butter – living the nourished life .com

12. Stimulate hair growth massaging warm coconut oil into your scalp

13.Exfoliate lips with a homemade coconut oil lip balm – bustle.com

14. Apply to skin for treating a sunburn

15. Use a small mount as a nightly facial moisturizer – wake up to glowing skin

16. Makes a great tanning lotion

17. Anti-fungal cream

18. Prevent and treat dandruff

19. Relieve dry elbows

20. Lock in moisture after showering

21. Cold sore treatment

22. In-grown hair treatment and preventer

23. Prevent brassy hair by using as shampoo

24. Aftershave – dab onto your face or legs to prevent rashes

25. Make a skin detox charcoal and clay facial soap – wellness mama.com

26. natural hair detangler for kids

27. Naturally rebuild your teeth making them stronger with coconut oil! Make a safe homemade mineralizing toothpaste – Dr. Axe.com

28. Naturally lighten age spots over time using coconut oil

29. Makes a great massage oil for summer, cools the skin and moisturizes

30. Makes an amazing deep conditioning hair mask the crunchy moose.com

31. Mix equally with salt to remove rough dry skin on feet

32. Coconut oil for dry cracked feet and heels – Dr. Monavand.com

33. Makes a great cellulite treatment – coconut oil tips.com

34. Reduce the appearance of varicose veins by using coconut oil as a lotion

35. Makes an incredible homemade white tea coconut oil bath bomb – bakingdom.com

36. Shaving cream for the perfect shave – hello glow.com

37. Sooth skin with a coconut oil bar soap – mommypotamus.com

38. Naturally whiten teeth by mixing with baking soda for a tooth paste

39. Condition cuticles to help grow out your nails

40. Grow longer eyelashes – good health academy

41. Grow thicker eyebrows

42. Natural makeup brush cleanser

43. Help prevent and seal split ends

44. Hair gel substitute

45. Reduce under eye puffiness

46. Reduce under eye redness

47. Help reduce under eye circles

48. Cleanse the skin naturally

49. Help prevent wrinkles

50. Help lessen the appearance of wrinkles

51. Help heal the skin from severe sun damage

52. Natural cheekbone hilighter

53. Makes a refreshing makeup remover, the coconut oil releases a cooling sensation on your face and deeply removes makeup

Here’s the complete list of Coconut oil benefits for Cooking

54. Adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to your foods or beverages for energy

55. Substitute your coffee creamer with coconut oil for a healthier cup of coffee

56. Perfect for “buttering your toast”

57. Healthy popcorn topping

58. Healthy topping for baked potatoes

59. Healthy non-stick cooking spray

60. Sports drink replacement – coconut oil, chia seeds, fresh fruit water

61. Makes delicious meltways – perfect healthy coffee treat yum! – wellness mama.com

62. Substitute butter when cooking with coconut oil, a great vegan butter substitute

63. Keep eggs fresher by sealing the pores of eggs in your refrigerator with coconut oil

64. Make a healthy homemade mayo: recipe – wellness mama.com

65. Coconut oil sunscreen – the coconut mama.com

66. A healthy substitute for any vegetable oils when cooking

67. Season a cast iron skillet with coconut oil – thank your body.com


Here’s the complete list of Coconut oil benefits for your Health

68. Balance your thyroid function with coconut oil – health impact news.com

69. Improve your sleep by taking coconut oil daily

70. Natural throat lozenge

71. Boosts immunity

72. Helps prevent bone loss

73. Constipation relief

74. Eating coconut oil helps improve depression

75. Protects against certain types of cancers

76. Ezcema cure and treatment

77. Fights heart disease

78. Balance hormones naturally with coconut oil – Draxe.com

79. Diabetes –Balance blood sugar levels naturally with coconut oil – coconut oil.com

80. Increase your mental awareness by ingesting coconut oil

81. Speed up weight loss

82. Delicious coconut cream concentrate for an instant boost of daytime energy – tropical traditions.com

83. Help prevent or reverse Alzheimer’s with coconut oil -alzheimers.net

84. Coconut oil makes a great natural remedy for removing cradle cap – massage in and remove with warm water – bellybelly.com

85. Great remedy for yeast infections – Yeast connection.com

86. Sooth chicken pox, poison ivy, and dry itchy skin

87. Sooth hemorrhoids naturally when applied externally

88. Massage into skin to help lessen arthritus

89. Help speed up UTIs both internally and externally

90. Treat lice using coconut oil – homeremediesforlife.com

91. Lessen the absorption of chlorine when swimming when applied to skin

92. Eat raw coconut oil to naturally boost your metabolism, it’s high in MCFA – healthy home economist.com

93. Rebuild muscles with a homemade coconut post-workout smoothie – healing smoothies.com

94. Brain boosting healthy coconut oil snacks for kids – Healthimpactnews.com

95. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil to your hot tea for a faster recovery from the flu or cold

96. Makes a great laundry soap – perfect for highly sensitive skin -lovin soap studio.com

97. Heals skin infections – love strong.com

98. Safe all natural personal lubricant

99. Healthier gums with coconut oil pulling method – drake..com

100. Coconut oil trims your waistline – articles.mercola.com

101. Eating coconut oil will improve your cholesterol values – nature pacific.com

102. Gentle treatment for pink eye

103. Psoriasis home remedy DIY – coconut oil tips

104. Coconut oil for can help with allergy symptoms

105. Help speed up ear infection healing – mercola.com

106. Coconut oil pulling chews for healthier mouth – wellness mama.com

107. Sooth a soar throat by adding coconut oil to hot tea

108. Eating it helps your body absorb calcium and magnesium

109. Lessen anxiety by eating coconut oil daily

110 Make your own vapor rub – wellness mama.com

Coconut Oil Uses for Moms

111. Increase milk production in nursing mommies – take 3 tbsp per day

112. Coconut oil is perfect to make a homemade baby wash – bellybelly.com

113. Postpartum soothing spray to alleviate after-birth – wellness mama.com

114. Nipple Cream to sooth tough nipples during breast feeding – natural fertility.com

115. baby body lotion perfect chemical-free moisturizer – bellybelly.com

116. Apply coconut to your belly to prevent stretch marks

117. Coconut oil is part of a natural diaper cream recipeWellness Mama .com

Household uses for coconut oil

118. Coconut oil leather cleaner – Massage into leather to soften and condition – for shiny leather only. Always do a test spot – apartment therapy.com

119. Remove rust with coconut oil – apartment therapy.com

120. Bronze polish + Cleaner – apartment therapy.com

121. Non-toxic bug repellent recipe – coconut oil.com

122. Great for soothing pet’s skin externally

123. Fix a squeaky door hinge

124. Furniture polish

125. Dress your tires with coconut oil – moisturizes plastic trim

126. Stain remover – one park baking soda/ one part coconut oil, apply to stain for several minutes – Motherearthliving.com

127. Wood polish – mix coconut oil with lemon juice for all wooden furniture and floors – coconut merchant.com

128. Label remover – coconut oil and baking soda – one teaspoon of each to rub away sticky labels – coconut merchant.com

129. Sooth your pet’s dry cracked paws – pet 360.com

130. Coconut oil improves dog breath. Brush their teeth with coconut oil.  – pet 360.com

131. Coconut oil gives your dogs an energy boost

132. Improve the look and feel of your dog’s coat

133. Remove chewing gum from hair

134. Prevent hairballs coconut-oil tips.com

135.Pet ear mite remedy coconut-oil tips.com

136. Sooth pet’s dry nose

137.Natural Flea repellent – apply lightly on dog’s fur

138. Natural dog shampoo recipe: coconut-oil tips.com

139. Natural hand soap

140. Coconut oil candles – thrive market.com


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